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Elite VMAX150UWH2-E24 VMAX2 150 diag. (73.6x130.7) - HDTV [16:9] - MaxWhite FG 1.1 Gain

    • Elite VMAX150UWH2-E24 VMAX2 150 diag. (73.6x130.7) - HDTV [16:9] - MaxWhite FG 1.1 Gain - Elite-VMAX150UWH2-E24
    • Elite VMAX150UWH2-E24 VMAX2 150 diag. (73.6x130.7) - HDTV [16:9] - MaxWhite FG 1.1 Gain - Elite-VMAX150UWH2-E24
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    Elite VMAX150UWH2-E24 VMAX2 150 diag. (73.6x130.7) - HDTV [16:9] - MaxWhite FG 1.1 Gain

    Item #: Elite-VMAX150UWH2-E24

    Elite Screens Manufacturer Part #: VMAX150UWH2-E24


    Supported Resolution:
    Screen Type:
    Mount Type:
    Wall and Ceiling
    HDTV [16:9]
    Elite Screens
    Viewable Diagonal in.:
    Viewable Width in.:
    Viewable Height in.:
    Product Status:
    Surface Color:
    Case Color:
    Product Line:
    Front/Rear Projection:
    Projection Surface:
    MaxWhite FG
    Best Used For:


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    Expert reviews

    "Elite Screens is very proud to have our products featured and promoted with / Next Projection. Their management team has been valued partners of ours for many years and we rely on their expertise in the channel and products to support our mutual customers."

    Barry Coles Vice President
    Elite Screens Inc.

    Elite Screens VMAX2 Series Electric Projector Screens

    The Elite Screens VMAX2 Series electric projector screens is considered the most cost-effective electric front projector screen. This easy-to-install projection electric screen is perfect for both home theater usage or commercial media rooms. The sleek design and seamless electric operation will impress all viewing audiences.

    As with many of Elite Screens projection screens, the VMAX2 series comes standard with a MaxWhite 1.1 gain screen material with a 160 degree viewing angle. This material is ideal for projector electric screens because the multi-layered, woven material with a matte white reflective coating is durable and provides perfect uniformity. The screens also come with a black backing and four-sided black border to eliminate light penetration and absorb projector overshoot. The MaxWhite material can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water is is both flame retardant and mildew resistant.

    The VMAX2 projection screens are also available in a MaxWhite FiberGlass-backed 1.1 gain material in models 135" and above. The fiberglass material makes the screen more rigid to provide even better flatness over the entire screen.

    The screen is stored in a durable metal casing while not is use that is available in either white or black. Both screen materials work great with both DLP and LCD projectors.

    Screen Sizes and Aspect Ratios

    The VMAX2 electric projector screens come in four different aspect ratios to fit you needs in a large variety of diagonal sizes.

    1:1 aspect ratio: 99", 113", 119", 136", 153" and 170"

    4:3 aspect ratio: 84", 92", 100", 120", 135", 150", 165" and 180"

    16:9 aspect ratio: 84", 92", 100", 106" 110", 120", 135", 150", 166" and 180"

    16:10 aspect ratio: 106" and 128"

    How to Operate

    Elite Screens VMAX2 projector electric screen comes with a detachable three-way wall switch that connects to a built-in 5-12 volt trigger and internal low-voltage infrared and radio frequency receivers. They can be operated by a standard infrared control with a 30 foot beam range AND a radio frequency remote control with a range of 150 feet. This means you don't have to be in a direct line of sight with the receivers to operate. The screen is opened and closed using a synchronized motor. This silent, long-lasting motor works with the power cycle to open automatically when you turn on the power source and retract when turning off. This fully assembled projection screen comes fully assembled with a standard three-pronged power cord for immediate plug-and-play. The screen is incredibly easy to install and even comes with a bubble leveler to ensure perfect alignment. These Elite Screens can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling, depending on you needs.

    Manual Screen
    Two Case Colors
    Manual Lanyard
    Manual Corner
    Included Accessories - (black case accessories shown)

    GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified

    Elite Screens are certified for safe use indoors by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which certifies products with low chemical emissions. Children & School certification means that Elite Screens are ideal for use in schools, as well as other education, military, and religious environments.

    The VMAX2 electric projector screen is also certified by AMX and CRESTON

    2- and 3-Year Warranties

    Elite Screens backs their projection screens with a 2-year warranty. Government, Education, Military, and Religious uses are backed by a 3-year warranty for all Elite screens.

    Watch the video below for more information on the Elite Screens VMAX2 Series

    Product Dimensions

    (click to view larger)
    Elite Vmax2
    Please refer to the chart below for specific measurements on each model in the Elite VMAX2 Series product line.

    Projection Surface Information

    MaxWhite Gain Chart MaxWhite screen material is the most versatile screen surface for front projection presentations. This material provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color reproduction and black & white contrast.Screen surface has black-backing to avoid light penetration and can be cleaned safely with mild soap and water. Woven screen material is a multi-layer, cross-array coated with a matte white reflective compound.
    MaxWhiteclick picture to enlarge
    • 1.1 gain with 160 degree wide viewing angle
    • Surface can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water
    • GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD® Children & Schools Certified
    • Constructed of a multi-layer weave and textured surface coating
    • Black masking on all sides to absorb unwanted over-spray
    Best For:
    Light Type
    Lamp Life
    Throw Type
    Aspect Ratio
    Projection Method
    Resolution Type
    Native Resolution
    Contrast Ratio
    Color Gamut
    Picture Modes
    3D Support
    Color Processing
    Display Color
    Supported Resolutions
    Dynamic Iris
    Screen Size
    Throw Ratio
    Throw Distance
    Lens Shift
    Digital Keystone
    Included Lens
    Optional Lens
    Focus (Motorized/Auto /Manual)
    Digital Zoom
    Color Wheel
    Input Lag
    Refresh Rates
    Game Mode
    Built-In Speakers
    Dolby Atmos Compatible
    Smart TV
    Operating System
    Built-In Apps
    Web Browser
    Voice Recognition
    Smart Home
    Screen Share / Screen Mirroring
    Optional Accessories
    Compatible Mounts
    Dimensions and Design
    Projector Size
    Projector Weight
    Case Color
    Power and Enviroment
    Audible Noise
    Battery Life
    Aditional Information
    Release Date
    Global Name
    TCO Certified
    Built-In TV Tuner
    UPC/GTIN/EAN: 876818005533
    MPN: VMAX150UWH2-E24
    Price: $1,391.00

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    MaxWhite FG

    MaxWhite FG is fiber glass backed for added stiffness which provides the flattest possible non-tensioned screen surface with universal applications. This material provides wide viewing uniform diffusion while giving precise definition, color reproduction and black & white contrast.

    The screen surface has a black-backing to eliminate light penetration, is mildew resistant and washable with mild soap and water.

    * Manufacturer tip: This is an enhanced matte white product for higher end DLP/LCD projectors suitable for commercial and residential presentations.

    Surface Characteristics

    • Multi-layer weave and textured surface coating
    • Fiberglass backing with black backing
    • Mildew Resistant
    • Surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water
    • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
    • GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD® Gold Certified | UL 2818


    Surface Material Properties

    Peak Gain 1.1
    Half Gain 90 Degrees
    Front / Rear Projection Front
    elite screens maxwhite fg
    elite screens maxwhite fg

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    Total Disaster
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    I ordered this screen on 24 February 2022. It's now March 26th and I never received the projector screen. It was found lying on the dock at the Pilot truck terminal in New Jersey totally destroyed. Apparently, no one wanted to tell me and left me hanging for weeks as I tried without success to set up a schedule to have it delivered. No one wanted to know anything. Fortunately, the people at have an amazing customer support that looked into the mishap for me and finally found out what happened to the screen I ordered and never received. I am now waiting for a replacement screen to be shipped to me thanks to the customer service department at I'm not confident in the process and have no idea when I will finally receive my replacement. Pilot is weeks behind on their delivery schedules. Maybe Elite should look elsewhere for a better carrier. This hasn't been a good experience and my next projector screen will probably be another brand.
    Works good
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I found it was the perfect size for a 9ft ceiling. Edges curl slightly on black border but i don't notice it. Easy install
    Elite M120HSR-PRO Manual SRM Pro 120 diag. (59x105) - HDTV [16:9] - Max White FG 1.1 Gain [Elite Scr
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    Excellent construction and picture quality.
    Elite VMAX135XWH2 VMAX2 135 diag. (66.2x117) - HDTV [16:9] - MaxWhite 1.1 Gain
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    low quality screen and it really shows
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    surface is very wavy and was having problems with the motor working right within a couple of days. returned for a better screen from a different brand. would not recommend

    CPS Warranty Included

    Purchase this product worry-free with a complimentary 2-year extended warranty from CPS with ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE protection. Want even more coverage? Upgrade to a 3 or 4 year at a discounted price.

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