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Open Air Cinema Cinebox HD 23' Diag. (20'x11') Portable Inflatable Projection Kit

    • Open Air Cinema Cinebox HD 23' Diag. (20'x11') Portable Inflatable Projection Kit - Open-Air-Cinema-CBH-20
    • Open Air Cinema Cinebox HD 23' Diag. (20'x11') Portable Inflatable Projection Kit - Open-Air-Cinema-CBH-20
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    Open Air Cinema Cinebox HD 23' Diag. (20'x11') Portable Inflatable Projection Kit

    Item #: Open-Air-Cinema-CBH-20

    Open Air Cinema Manufacturer Part #: CBH-20



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    Bonus Build a Bundle

    CineBox HD Home Series 20' x 11' Outdoor Theater Kit with 1080p Resolution Projector

    Entertain up to 500 individuals spread out on blankets with the 20' Home screen in the comfort of your own backyard.

    It's easy to bring the magic of the big screen to your backyard with Open Air Cinema as your partner. Create an outdoor home theater the whole family will enjoy with our Home Series. Because our collapsible screens are lightweight yet extremely durable, storage is simple and convenient.

    Use It Anywhere!

    • At the swimming pool
    • In your backyard
    • On the roof
    • At a BBQ
    • Block party
    • At the beach

    This complete entertainment system is easy to install in any location. Simply secure the screen with the provided stakes and tethers, attach the air blower, then step aside and watch the screen inflate, all in a matter of minutes. Next, plug in your Cinebox audiovisual console and speaker system, insert your media, and you're ready to screen movies under the stars. Our Home Series systems come in the following widths: 9, 12, 16, and 20-feet.

    Product Features

    • 20' x 11' Open Air Home Screen
    • Widescreen, 16:9 aspect ratio
    • Inflatable
    • Audience Size - Grass: 500/ Chairs: 1,000/ Standing: 3,000
    • Easier to set up than a pup tent
    • 276" diagonal projection surface (23')
    • High definition matte white, wrinkle resistant, smooth ripstop nylon fabric that zips off for easy cleaning
    • Durable and light weight. Weighs only 45 pounds and fits inside a stuff sack(frame and projection surface)
    • Inflates in less than 20 seconds!
    • Comes with 1080p HD LCD Video Projector with 3500 Lumens
    • Blu-ray player (capable of streaming Netflix, Youtube, etc)
    • (2) 8" Powerful outdoor speakers
    • User-friendly audio mixer, (includes DVD, MP3, Microphone compatibility)
    • Complete set of audio/visual cables and adapters
    • Flashlight (for easy operation in the dark)
    • 20mph Wind Rating (audiences generally leave by this point)
    • Air blower with patented dampening muffler box
    • Frame Dimensions - 17.5' x 13' x 1.5'
    • Also includes Durable Twist Stakes, Cinch Straps
    • 1 Year Warranty on the Screen
    • Includes Optoma Projector

    Open Air Home Screen Series Product Information

    Price: $5,399.00

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