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Metra AV Velox Passive HDMI Cable 24G DPL Certified - 8 Meters

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    Metra AV Velox Passive HDMI Cable 24G DPL Certified - 8 Meters

    Item #: Metra-EHV-HDP8

    Metra AV Manufacturer Part #: EHV-HDP8


    18 Gbps, 24 Gbps
    Length (ft):
    Metra AV
    Product Line:


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    High Performance VELOX Passive Premium HDMI Cable


    • HDMI® transmission cable
    • Advanced features in metallurgy, topology, dielectric and shielding
    • New microwave RF design
    • Less insertion loss over long distances
    • For HDMI® TMDS High Speed Signaling
    • Highest bandwidth performance

    Additional Information

    18.0 Gbps Yes
    10-22 meter cables have 10.2Gbps bandwidth (unassisted) or upgrade to 18Gbps bandwidth when used with the HDM-GA1 (sold separately).
    10.2 Gbps Yes
    DPL Certified Yes
    Price: $210.59

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    Metra AV EHV-HDP8 Reviews

    the best
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    If you are building a home theater, this is the best long-run HDMI cable out there and is the best place to buy it!
    Velox Premium HDMI Cable
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I recently had a Sony VPL-VW385ES projector installed in my theater room and it kept losing the handshake when using the HDR HDMI connection. While the installation company did a good job, I discovered they new very little about the cable specifications required for 4K HDR programming. They kept insisting that a standard ethernet HDMI cable should work and it did work for SDR programming but not HDR. After multiple arguments over whether or not a standard ethernet HDMI cable will work on an HDR signal over 15', I decided to give Sony technical support a call. Since the distance between my Sony VPL-VW385ES projector and Onkyo reciever exceeded 15', they recommended the Metra Home Theater Velox Passive Premium HDMI cable. Since installing this cable, I've had NO ISSUES. In short cable quality and cable length matter! Premium HDMI cables are designed to carry the signal longer distances and accept the metadata required for HDR programming. It was a pleasure working with the guys at They did a great job with understanding my issue and frustrations and promptly delivered the new cable. Look forward to working with them again!

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