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Grandview LF-PE112(169)UHD130(03) Reference (RSS)Edge Series Fixed-Frame - 112" - 16:9 - UHD130

Item #: GV-LF-PE112(169)UHD130(03)
Manufacturer Part #: LF-PE112(16:9)UHD130(03)
Supported Resolution:
Screen Type:
Fixed Frame
Mount Type:
HDTV [16:9]
Viewable Diagonal in.:
Viewable Width in.:
Viewable Height in.:
Product Status:
Leaves Warehouse within 1-2 Business Days
Product Line:
Reference Edge
Front/Rear Projection:
Projection Surface:
UHD 130 White Fabric


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Leon TangDirector, Grandview Screen USA
4k uhd

Ultra-narrow frame

The new Edge Series has a frame just 29mm wide, looks like a giant LED TV. With this limited width the image is controlled within screen range in case tiny deflection happens during image adjustment.

"Attached" to the wall

The distance between screen and wall is just 6.5mm, almost like attached to the wall, which is 67% less than average wall distance of LED TV.

Premium Velvet touch

The surface frame is made of high quality aluminum wrapped with velvet, turn the screen into an Elegant decoration on on wall.

Stable Structure

With the enhanced 44x28mm aluminum frame structure, the screen can be up to 120"(16:9) and durable for a "life-time" projection.

Fabric Tension System

Flat as a mirror

Taking advantage of the mature fabric tension system from Prestige series, the screen is durably flat as mirror after installation.

Range Belt Circular Lock

Convenient Installation

With the range belt mounted on the installation bracket, you don’t need to measure the distance, just fixed the bracket to the wall according to the range belt, hang the screen on and turn the circular lock, it can be done easily by just one person.

Small package design

Thanks to the devided frame, the package is dramatically smaller than regular frame screen, even for 120"(16:9), the package is just 1.66 meters, which is 43% less than Prestige series and the overall package size is 77% less.

Format Diagonal
Viewing Size
Product Size
(L x A x Depth)
Installation Range
Bracket length
Net Weight
16:9 60 1328x747 1386x805x38.5 749 800 2.9
72 1594x896 1652x954x38.5 898 800 4.2
80 1771x996 1829x1054x38.5 998 800 5.2
84 1859x1045 1917x1103x38.5 1047 1000 5.7
92 2037x1145 2095x1203x38.5 1147 1000 6.9
100 2214x1245 2272x1303x38.5 1247 1000 8.1
106 2346x1319 2404x1377x38.5 1321 1000 9.1
120 2656x1494 2714x1552x38.5 1496 1200 11.7

16:10 60 1292x808 1350x866x38.5 810 800 3.0
72 1551x969 1609x1027x38.5 971 800 4.4
84 1809x1131 1867x1189x38.5 1133 1000 6.0
92 1982x1239 2040x1297x38.5 1241 1000 7.2
100 2154x1346 2212x1404x38.5 1348 1000 8.5
106 2283x1427 2341x1485x38.5 1429 1000 9.6
120 2585x1615 2643x1673x38.5 1617 1200 12.3

2.35:1 60 1402x597 1460x655x38.5 599 800 2.5
72 1683x716 1741x774x38.5 718 800 3.6
80 1870x796 1928x854x38.5 798 800 4.4
84 1963x835 2021x893x38.5 837 800 4.8
92 2150x915 2208x973x38.5 917 1000 5.8
100 2337x995 2395x1053x38.5 997 1000 6.9
106 2477x1054 2535x1112x38.5 1056 1000 7.7


2805x1193 2863x1251x38.5 1195 1200 9.9


  • 1. Unmark dimensions are default to be "mm".
  • 2. Specifications could be updated due to continuous product upgrades.



This bright white surface from Grandview offers a very wide viewing angle for having such a high gain. This surface is available only on Grandviews RSS line of projector screens and is as premium as it gets.

This surface pairs great with current 4K projectors under 2,000 lumens due to its 1.3 gain and textureless, 4K surface.

The ISF certification ensures that you will get 100% accurate color reproduction on this surface as well.

Surface Characteristics

  • Textureless Surface Intended for 1080p+ / UHD / 4K Projection
  • ISF Certified
  • Washable and Mildew Resistant
  • Flame Retardant

4k projector screen

Surface Material Properties

Peak Gain 1.3
Half Gain 80 Degrees
grandview uhd130 Half Gain Angle Chart
grandview uhd130

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