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Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tensioned DarkUST 120" 16:9 UST Ambient Light Rejecting Screen SKT120UH-DST-E6

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    Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tensioned DarkUST 120" 16:9 UST Ambient Light Rejecting Screen SKT120UH-DST-E6

    Item #: Elite-SKT120UH-DST-E6

    Elite Screens Manufacturer Part #: SKT120UH-DST-E6


    Special Features:
    Ambient Light Rejection, Tensioned, Ultra Short Throw
    Supported Resolution:
    Screen Type:
    Electric, Ultra Short Throw
    Mount Type:
    Wall and Ceiling
    HDTV [16:9]
    Elite Screens
    Viewable Diagonal in.:
    Viewable Width in.:
    Viewable Height in.:
    Product Status:
    Case Color:
    Product Line:
    Saker Tab-Tension DarkUST
    Front/Rear Projection:
    Projection Surface:
    Best Used For:


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    Expert reviews

    "Elite Screens is very proud to have our products featured and promoted with / Next Projection. Their management team has been valued partners of ours for many years and we rely on their expertise in the channel and products to support our mutual customers."

    Barry Coles Vice President
    Elite Screens Inc.

    The Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar® UST is a Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) projector screen that is made specifically for UST (ultra-short-throw) projectors. It is designed for small spaces where a standard long throw projector cannot be accommodated. In addition to this, the ambient light rejecting technology allows for bright room installations such as boardrooms, conference rooms or training facilities. Typical matte white screens under such bright lighting conditions suffer from the washout effects of room lighting and this results in a milky, lackluster image. The DarkStarUST material absorbs overhead lighting as well as side lighting to offer clear, contrast rich imagery.

    It comes in our Saker electric “roll-up” configuration that is tab-tensioned for added flatness. Standard accessories include Infrared and Radio Frequency remotes, a detachable keypad switch, and a wireless projector trigger.

    It also includes a pair of floating brackets for a flush wall/ceiling installation and a pair of eye-bolt screws that attach to the top of the case for a suspended installation.

    Screen Material

    • DarkUST® Ceiling Light Rejecting® material absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
    • 100x contrast enhancement over standard matte white screens
    • Multi-layer optical structure filters out ambient light for superior picture quality
    • Ultra-wide viewing angle allows viewers to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality
    • Black-backing (non-opaque) enhances image brightness
    • Black masking borders on top and bottom absorb projector overshoot and enhance picture contrast
    • Available in diagonal sizes 100” and 120″ in 16:9 aspect ratio

    Control System

    • Includes handheld Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remote controls, and a wall box controller for manual on-wall operation.
    • User-friendly programmable vertical drop position for easy installation
    • Wall box controller is detachable for a clean look while maintaining RF & IR functionality
    • Built-in selectable channels allow one RF remote programming to control multiple screens and prevent interference
    • 12v trigger feature allows the screen’s UP/DOWN operation to synchronize with the projector’s power cycle
      • Wired 12v trigger capability via wall box controller
      • Wireless 12v trigger capability via Radio Frequency remote control

    Design and Installation

    • Durable aluminum black casing with parallel grooves
    • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat projection surface
    • Ships fully assembled with standard 3-prong power connection ready to plug and play
    • Flush wall/ceiling floating brackets included permit wood stud installation and slide horizontally for proper centering
    • Includes a eye-bolts for a suspended installation

    Quality and Reliability

    • Tubular motor allows swift operation with a superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan
    • Standard 5-year premium warranty


      Best For:
      Light Type
      Lamp Life
      Throw Type
      Aspect Ratio
      Projection Method
      Resolution Type
      Native Resolution
      Contrast Ratio
      Color Gamut
      Picture Modes
      3D Support
      Color Processing
      Display Color
      Supported Resolutions
      Dynamic Iris
      Screen Size
      Throw Ratio
      Throw Distance
      Lens Shift
      Digital Keystone
      Included Lens
      Optional Lens
      Focus (Motorized/Auto /Manual)
      Digital Zoom
      Color Wheel
      Input Lag
      Refresh Rates
      Game Mode
      Built-In Speakers
      Dolby Atmos Compatible
      Smart TV
      Operating System
      Built-In Apps
      Web Browser
      Voice Recognition
      Smart Home
      Screen Share / Screen Mirroring
      Optional Accessories
      Compatible Mounts
      Dimensions and Design
      Projector Size
      Projector Weight
      Case Color
      Power and Enviroment
      Audible Noise
      Battery Life
      Aditional Information
      Release Date
      Global Name
      TCO Certified
      Built-In TV Tuner
      UPC/GTIN/EAN: 848448032487
      MPN: SKT120UH-DST-E6
      Price: $4,520.00

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      DarkUST (formerly called DarkStar UST) is a ceiling light-rejecting front projection material designed specifically for tabletop-mounted ultra-short-throw projectors. The DarkUST features a multi-layer optical lens structure that absorbs off-axis light from above while providing a clear image. This allows the picture to be free from washing out the projected image.

      Surface Characteristics

      • 100x contrast enhancement over standard matte white screens
      • Designed for table-top ultra-short-throw projectors
      • Produces lifelike images with superb color fidelity
      • Capable of improving brightness, color, and contrast under ambient light conditions
      • Multi-layer optical structure filters out ceiling light for superior picture quality
      • Rigid material with black-backing eliminates light penetration which allows for excellent reflectivity


      Surface Material Properties

      Maximum Size 120" Diagonal
      Viewing Angle 180 Degrees
      Peak Gain 0.6
      Half Gain 90 Degrees
      Ambient Light Rejection Value 95%
      Front / Rear Projection Front
      Resolution 4K
      parallax 0.45
      Darkstar UST

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      Elite Screens SKT120UH-DST-E6 Reviews

      Excellent screen WOW!
      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      I tried other screens for my LG HU85LA, including Elite Screen's own CLR screen. This DarkStar UST brought it to the next level. There is so much more clarity when compared with other screens I've tried. I wish I could give it 10 stars!
      Imagine being mindblown!
      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      I paired this screen with a Samsung LSP9T. My wife and I were somewhat happy with the projector right there on the bare wall. So you can imagine my wife's immediate eye roll when I told her what I spent on this screen. The best synopsis of a review I can give is that once this screen was on the wall and put into action my wife's eyeroll sneer transformed into a wide-eyed grin! Best purchase I've made so far this year. We are now hosting the neighborhood superbowl party!
      Drop length cannot be adjusted
      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      If you are expecting to be able to adjust the top black drop on this screen to stop earlier than unrolling to the end of the fixed top black drop, this is not possible as of December 2021. Elite stated that they had a mechanical top black drop adjustment but it was causing motors to strip and fail to retract the screen. They removed it from their documentation and most of their web content, then slapped a warranty void if removed sticker over the adjustment screw.

      In the case of a UST especially, this is a problem because if your wall or ceiling mount math is planning to reduce the top black drop, too bad, you can't and that means you need to either place your projector on a lower surface or reduce the image size to less than the 120 you're paying for. Given that USTs need to be in the space typically reserved for center channel speakers, and given that the center speaker is the most important in a surround configuration, finding a cabinet that will take both a large center channel and a UST is a challenge.

      If you have the expectation of saying "Alexa, turn on the TV" well, sorry Bob. That isn't going to happen. The screen will trigger open using the RF remote, but the screen will open all the way. In my case that's six inches too far. So after firing everything up, I then need to use the remote to try to stop the screen at the right height. That cuts into WAF and causes the kids to yell "Dad, come fix the TV!"

      Elite plans to redesign this screen next year to allow the remote to be programmed to a custom length. There is no release date for this fix, and customer service stated that there will be no retrofit.

      If you are considering this screen and you have a tight vertical tolerance due to wall or furniture height, wait for Elite to provide an adjustable stop screen or buy shorter furniture.

      CPS Warranty Included

      Purchase this product worry-free with a complimentary 2-year extended warranty from CPS with ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE protection. Want even more coverage? Upgrade to a 3 or 4 year at a discounted price.

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