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Definitive Technology IW SUBAMP 600 Reference In-Wall High-Power Amplifier for use with IWSubs -Brackets included

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    Definitive Technology IW SUBAMP 600 Reference In-Wall High-Power Amplifier for use with IWSubs -Brackets included

    Item #: DT-IWSUBAMP600

    Definitive Technology Manufacturer Part #: IW SUB AMP 600


    Definitive Technology


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    "At Sound United (Marantz, Denon, Definitive Technology, Polk), part of our mission to “Bring Joy to the World Through Sound” includes the enormously valuable partnerships we maintain with trusted channel partners like / Next Projection. We share an unrelenting passion with a common goal in mind: to engage and educate our audience with the highest level of integrity and deliver a best-in-class experience with world-class products and unparalleled customer service. The Next Projection team of experts delivers EVERY step of the way!"

    Paul LaPlaca Director of Sales
    Sound United
    Sound United

    SubAmp 600

    Reference In-Wall Subwoofer Amplifier

    Dual Amplifier

    Drive up to two subwoofers
    in two different zones

    Fine Tune
    the Room

    With volume, low-pass crossover,
    and phase adjustment

    Steady and

    5-way binding posts guarantee
    optimal connection

    Invisible Sound, Uncompromised

    Power Your
    Hidden Bass

    Built to bolster the Definitive IWSub 10/10 and IWSub Reference in-wall subwoofers, this versatile outboard amplifier offers greater placement flexibility and optimal power to effortlessly drive one or two IW Subs in the same room or in different zones.

    • Invisible Sound...
    • Installation...

    Volume, Low-pass and Phase
    for unprecedented control

    Dial in your system your way with volume, low-pass crossover, and phase — all easily adjusted with convenient, front-panel control knobs.

    Two Amps in One
    to power two subs

    Two discrete high-powered amplifiers with simple connections take deep bass impact to new heights. Power two IW subwoofers in the same zone or separate zones.

    Installation Flexibility

    Built for Integration

    Beyond its high-powered amplifier and electronic crossover, the SubAmp 600 fits easily on a shelf or rack to power our signature Definitive In-Wall Subwoofers.

    Solid, Stable Connections
    for steady and secure placement

    5-way binding posts ensure the most secure speaker connections possible. Connect the subwoofers, and never have to think of it again.


    Total Pieces1
    Included Accessories• (1) Rack Mount Kit
    Required Accessories• (2) IW Sub 10/10 or IW Sub Reference
    Electronics Warranty3 years
    Carton 16.75" (17.15 cm) h x 22" (55.88 cm) w x 11" (27.94 cm) d - 28 lbs (12.7 kg)


    Qty Included1
    Height3.44" (8.74 cm)
    Width17.06" (43.33 cm)
    Depth9.625" (24.45 cm)
    Weight25 lbs (11.34 kg)
    Filter40 Hz → 150 Hz, Slope of 12 dB per Octave
    Phase Settings (Continuous)0° → 180°
    Remote Power Input12 volt Trigger [.125" Mini Plug (.32cm)]
    Fuse Type6.3 amp 250 volt {"label":"Slo Blo","value":"Slo Blo","selected":true}
    US Voltage110 volts A/C
    International Voltage220 volts A/C

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