ViewSonic X2000B and BenQ V7050i Side By Side Comparison

Ultra short throw projectors sit directly underneath the cinema screen. These 4K laser TVs are designed to be used in well lit rooms as a big screen television replacement. But which UST should you buy? Which one is right for you? Our projection experts answer these question as part of our ultra short throw projector shootout series where we compare two laser TVs against each other. Let's find out which is better between the ViewSonic X2000B vs the BenQ V7050i.

Known for their bright, colorful and more affordable projectors, ViewSonic released the ViewSonic X2000B 4K ultra short throw projector with much less fanfare than this laser TV deserves. With a bright vibrant image, great contrast, small profile and powerful sound bar, this UST performed admirably at the 2022 Laser TV Showdown. We go more in depth with our review of the ViewSonic X2000B.

The BenQ V7050i is arguably the best single laser ultra short throw projector as evidenced by the fact that it finished 1st in the single laser segment of the2022 laser TV showdown. With an incredibly vibrant and sharp picture and some unique features, this ultra short throw will be hard to beat. You can read more about this UST in our BenQ V7050i review.

Does the ViewSonic X2000B have what it takes to overtake the BenQ V7050i to be the king of the single laser USTs?

Find out right here with our expert comparison of these two fantastic single laser ultra short throw projectors.

Product Photo

BenQ V7050i

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ViewSonic X2000B

Our Thoughts:




With 500 more lumens, BenQ offers more brightness capability with their UST, especially important in more well-lit rooms

Throw Ratio



The ViewSonic 4K UST sits a tiny bit closer to the screen than the BenQ 4K UST.


.47" DMD ECP

.47" DLP

The V7050i uses a more advanced DLP chip that provides a sharper image.

Light Source

Single Laser

Single laser

Both UST projectors use a single blue laser to create the image on the screen.


98% DCI-P3

76% DCI-P3

The BenQ V7050i has a wider color gamut than even some triple laser USTs giving it vibrant and accurate colors.

Sequential Contrast Ratio



The superior contrast of the ViewSonic X2000B-4K shows up significantly when watching content.

Image Size

90 to 120 inches

65 to 150 inches

The ViewSonic X2000B offeres the widest screen size range of any UST.

Input Lag

69.1 ms

40.8 ms

The ViewSonic has good but not great lag times. While not terrible, the BenQ was not built with gaming in mind.


(x2)5W Chamber Speakers

Mid/Bass driver×2 + Tweeter×2 (50W) By Harman/Kardon

The ViewSonic X2000B has a far superior built-in sound system.




Even when not on sale, the ViewSonic X2000B is less expensive than the BenQ V7050i.

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

Pros And Cons Of Each UST Projector

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BenQ V7050i

The Pros

  • Colors are super bright and extra vibrant
  • Great contrast shows up in the content
  • Motorized lens cover
  • Supports 3D
  • Uses the more advanced .47" DMD ECP chipset
  • Very easy to set up

The Cons

  • Only has 2 HDMI ports
  • Uses an external media player that sticks out from the back and takes up one of the two HDMI ports
  • Not great for gaming
  • Speakers aren't as good as other laser TVs
  • Doesn't have Netflix app
Product Photo

ViewSonic X2000B-4K

The Pros

  • Accurate colors and skin tones
  • Excellent contrast
  • Very good HDR support
  • Supports 3D
  • Compact body is smaller than most other USTs
  • High quality built-in soundbar

The Cons

  • Only has 2 HDMI ports
  • Limited built-in streaming features included a lack of Netflix
  • Not as bright as other laser TVs
  • Minor black crush in deep shadows
  • Long startup time

So Which Is Better, The BenQ V7050i Or The ViewSonic X2000B-4K Laser TV?

With either the BenQ or the ViewSonic laser TV, you'll get fantastic image quality that will make you obsoletely love watching TV and movies.

This comparison showdown is really close and it's difficult to definitively say one 4K UST is better than than the other. But we must pick a winner in this fight. So between the ViewSonic X2000B-4K and BenQ V7050i the winner of this ultra short throw projector shootout is the………

BenQ V7050i

Why Buy The BenQ V7050i UST

What makes us pick the BenQ V7050i as the winner over the ViewSonic X2000B is mostly because of two factors: the vividness of the colors, and the sharpness of the picture. When you put these two single laser 4K USTs next to each other your eye is instantly drawn to the image put out by the BenQ. The colors are just so bright and vibrant, beyond even many of the other ultra short throws out there.

The biggest knock against the ViewSonic X2000B is the lack of brightness it throws out. By all means it's still bright enough to work with the lights on, but if you want a high quality image in a brighter room you'll need to pair it with an ambient light rejecting screen. Even then, with 500 extra lumens of brightness the BenQ V7050i performs better in rooms with more ambient illumination, while the ViewSonic needs a more controlled light environment.

On top of the image, part of why you should consider the BenQ V7050i is the extra features on the unit. The V7050i features a motorized lens cover that protects the lens from dust and damage. If you have kids or pets the BenQ V7050i should definitely be on your list. Another neat feature is the extendable placement guide arms that show you how far from the screen your projector should be. When you combine this feature with the four adjustable feet, it makes the BenQ V7050i easier to set up than any other UST.

Why Buy The ViewSonic X2000B-4K UST

The ViewSonic X2000B has accurate colors and fantastic contrast. It also provides great motion handling and an overall sharp image. The smaller chassis and slightly closer throw ratio also help give the X2000B an edge. ViewSonic is also known in the projection industry for producing quality affordable projectors and the ViewSonic X2000B-4K ultra short throw is no exception at the affordable low price of $2,899.

If you plan to use the built-in soundbar on your UST the ViewSonic has a tremendous edge over the BenQ which really needs an external sound system. The super wide screen size range of the X2000B also gives you a ton of installation flexibility.

We'll be breaking down the comparison between the ViewSonic X2000B and BenQ V7050i even further in our Ultra Short Throw shootout series on YouTube. So make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get notified when our shootout goes live plus other great content in our pipeline. You can also see our other projector comparisons here.

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