Projectors have a history that dates back around 200 years! We've put together an infographic for the history of projectors.

The Global Projector Market is expected to reach $3295.2 million by 2019!

Late 1800's

The Magic Lantern

Magic lanterns projected images printed on glass slides. Oil lamps and candles served as light sources for this device.

Did You Know?

Magicians and entertainers were the first professionals to find practical uses for this projector


The Filmstrip Projector

This projector used filmstrips, inserted vertically down in front of the projector aperture. They were used to show educational films in classrooms.

Did You Know?

Christiaan Huygens was the first man to build this device.


The Overhead Projector

This projector consists of a large box with a cooling fan, an extremely bright light, and a long arm extended above it. A mirror is present at the end of the arm that catches and redirects the light towards the screen.

Did You Know?

Overhead projectors were used during World War II to train groups of servicemen.


The Data Projector

A data projector takes signals from a video source such as a computer or television and projects an image on a projection screen.

Did You Know?

The first data projector weighed more than 40 pounds


The 3D Projector

These projectors produce two virtually simultaneous images. Then, with the use of active or passive glasses images are streamed to the weater's eyes.

Did You Know?

Active 3D Glasses feature electronic shutters that flicker to ensure the right picture goes into the correct eye.
Passive 3D glasses show the two images superimposed on each other before polarized lenses filter the image to each eye

Interesting Fact!

The French premiere of the final movie of the Harry Potter series was a historic event. It's listed in the Guinness World Book as the largest 3D projection.


The 4k Projector

New technology has allowed these machines to project a smaller pixel size, allowing for the crisper picture than ever before!

Interesting Fact!

DLP porjectors staged the world's largest video projection [2/3km or 0.4mi long] at Quebec City's 400th year anniversary celebration in 2008