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AVTEQ TT-2 - Flat Panel Dual TV Cart Mount fits up to (2) 55" TV's- for AVTEQ GM or RM Series Carts

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    AVTEQ TT-2 - Flat Panel Dual TV Cart Mount fits up to (2) 55" TV's- for AVTEQ GM or RM Series Carts

    Item #: AVTEQ-TT-2

    AVTEQ Manufacturer Part #: TT-2




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    Bonus Build a Bundle

    Table top mounting system. Secures dual 52" screens to cart without using the screen manufacturers stand. Comes with two (2) single gang knock outs on each side, with integrated adjustable height camera stand to suspend a camera or set top system above the plasma or LCD screens.

    • Versatile design allows for use on any surface
    • Ample cable space
    • Rear mounted, adjustable height camera shelf
    • Solid steel construction
    • Removable rear cover completely hides cables and allows for easy equipment installation
    • Durable scratch resistant powder coat finish
    • Multiple grommeted cable holes
    • Can be combined with any GM or RM Series Cart

    Weight Capacity - 300 lbs 136 kgs
    Height - 27.5" 70 cm
    Door Width - 78" 198 cm
    Depth - 10" 25 cm
    Box 1
    Height - 33" 84cm
    Width - 20" 51cm
    Depth - 14" 36cm
    Weight - 63 lbs 29 kgs
    Box 2
    Height - 4" 10 cm
    Width - 78" 198cm
    Depth - 14" 36cm
    Weight - 37 lbs 107 kgs

    Price: $859.00

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