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Draper V20605KG VCB Luma 2 160 Diag. (144x70) - AV [5:4] - Chroma Key Green - [CUSTOM]

Draper V20605KG VCB Luma 2 160 Diag. (144x70) - AV [5:4] - Chroma Key Green - [CUSTOM] (Draper-V20605KG)

4.50 stars, based on 2 reviews
VCB Luma 2 Video Conferencing Screens A heavy-duty, spring-roller background, the wall- or ceiling-mounted VCB Luma 2 presents an attractive yet practical choice wherever a large manual background is needed for a professional presentation. The VCB...
San Francisco Bay Area

8' x 8' Roll-up Projector Green Screen

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Awesome roll-up green screen. Goes from top of ceiling in 8' room to floor. And the 8' width is perfect - no more having extended arms cut off when panning in or tight crops.

At first was concerned when new green screen was lit up because material shines a bit with studio lights but the shine was completely removed when Chroma-key activated.

Love the black backer built into the rear of the green screen. Overall quality, craftsmanship, and appearance is professional grade.

Used the two built in mounting holes - just needed two heavy duty screws into studs/header behind wall board.

A bit pricey at $700 delivered, but you get what you pay for and this green screen is ready for use or put away in less than 10 seconds.

Superior product and delivered on time at quoted price!

OH,United States

Draper V20621KG VCB Luma 2 154 Diag. (96x120) - Video [4:3] - Chroma Key Green - [CUSTOM]

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
We had originally purchased a green screen set from Amazon, but it was a cloth green screen and not very great quality. Also, it took up a lot of space in our office, so we were looking for a solution that could be easily put away, and this was it! The quality of this projector green screen is wonderful, and there is no light spill from behind when it is pulled down. The only issue that we've found to be frustrating, is that these screens are not made to be hung from chains but better mounted on a wall. We had to hang our projector from the ceiling, due to not having any wall space to mount on, but by doing so, we found it's extremely difficult to retract the screen once it's pulled down. It is possible to retract, but needs patience and a little time in doing so. Overall happy with our purchase and would recommend.

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