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Tabletop Screens

The fantastic viewing experience and high image quality associated with a classic projector and screen combination isn?t just for fixed environments anymore. With the right projection screen in your corner, taking the show on the road (so to speak) is much easier than you'd otherwise think. Don?t make the mistake of thinking that portable, mobile-friendly projection screen options are lacking anything when it comes to quality either. Today's hottest tickets are just as capable of delivering a knock-em-dead performance as their larger stationary cousins.

Case in point; any one of the exemplary items in our extensive catalog of tabletop screens. Tabletop screens were made especially for people that never know when they might need to deliver a presentation at a moment's notice. That said, all that's required for set-up is a flat surface such as a handy tabletop or desk, and you're all set! Browse front projection models, rear projection alternatives, or a combination of the two. Shop a wide range of projection surfaces, as well?the better to capture exactly the image experience you're looking for.

Here at, we absolutely understand how important it is to have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to mobile-friendly, flexible viewing options like tabletop screens. That's exactly why we make it a point to stock plenty of models complete with a variety of features. Plus, you'll enjoy speedy shipping, exemplary customer service, and everyday bargain prices, just as you always do when you shop with us! Explore your options today.

Value Prices Appropriate for Any Budget
Not every projection screen is going to break the bank, and these fantastic tabletop projection screens are living proof of that. In fact, tabletop screens are among the most affordable screen types out there. Snag a high-performance screen of your own for prices starting below $200 and topping out at around $400. Even if you want to go for the very best and most elaborate option we carry, you're still in excellent financial shape!

Shop World Famous Brand Names
As is the case with any sort of important purchase, it pays to stick to brand names you know and recognize. That said, makes it a point to carry only fantastic, trustworthy options, from solid names, with great reputations for delivering quality viewing experiences. Shop options from the likes of Draper, Mustang, Da-Lite, and Elite Screens today!

Choose from a Variety of Features
Prepare to put on presentations to remember, when you choose a tabletop screen that exactly fits your needs. You have your choice of front projection models (reflective), rear projection models (transmissive), or ultra-flexible models (capable of both). Choose from today's most popular projection surfaces, including Da-Tex, Matte White, Dual Vision, and Wide Power. Complete the visual effect by selecting a case color in either basic, no-nonsense black, or sleek silver.

With the right features in your corner, your tabletop screen can really become a game changer, when it comes to the impressions you make on clients, customers, and potential business prospects. Explore the possibilities for yourself today!

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