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Projection / Projector Screen Paint - Chroma Key Green Paint - Gallon

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Item #: POS-G00CKG
Manufacturer Part #: G00CKG
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Paint on Screen
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Paint on Screen

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"The experts at Next Projection (, & BuyAV) really understand picture quality and what it takes to get the absolute best visual experience. Paint On Screen is very proud to be their sole provider of 4K projector screen coatings. For years our teams have worked together to bring the finest quality screen surfaces and top performing projectors together to provide solutions that surpass our clients' expectations. We can rely on their screen and projector expertise to support our brand and customer base."

Eli PoolePresident, Paint on Screen
paint on screen

Chroma Key Green Paint

Paint the right green screen in the size you need it. Our ultra matte green screen coating is the solution to all your permanent and large format composite work.

Precision matched chroma key green.

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POS-G00CKG - Reviews
Great service, great paint
We painted our greed screen wall this past weekend with very good results. We ended up putting a third coat on because we are a little nutty, but 2 coats would have been plenty. One wall/3 coats used a half gallon of paint. This paint doesn't have a strong odor which was a nice surprise. I was afraid the room would need a lot of ventilation and it's been so hot I wasn't looking forward to having to prop the door open. We put it on a primed wall. The first coat barely covered and I was concerned, but the second coat did the trick. Even so I did put on a third coat. Our space isn't done but we tested it out and it worked perfectly. The picture shows our messy work counter, sorry, but this was after 2 coats.

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