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Open Air Cinema Pro 166" Diag. (12'x7') Portable Inflatable Projector Screen

    • Open Air Cinema Pro 166" Diag. (12'x7') Portable Inflatable Projector Screen - Open-Air-Cinema-P-12
    • Open Air Cinema Pro 166" Diag. (12'x7') Portable Inflatable Projector Screen - Open-Air-Cinema-P-12

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    Open Air Cinema Pro 166" Diag. (12'x7') Portable Inflatable Projector Screen

    Item #: Open-Air-Cinema-P-12

    Open Air Cinema Manufacturer Part #: P-12



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    Open Air Cinema Pro Series 12' x 7' Outdoor Projector Screen

    Entertain up to 100 individuals spread out on blankets with this high quality, durable, easy to use 12' Pro inflatable screen.

    You have plenty to think about when setting up for an outdoor movie night. Let us take the pressure off you and help you craft an unforgettable experience for your guests with our self-standing Pro Series screen. Pro Series Screens are for those who demand high quality, durability, ease of use, and flexible application. With sturdy construction and long-lasting materials, this screen is perfect for big community events, public movie screenings in the local park and more.

    The highly reflective wrinkle-free projection surface of the Pro Series screens is removable for easy cleaning. The inflatable frame comes with rear stability arms for fast self-standing setup. The Pro Series allows for full front and rear projection. This feature helps when you can't setup your audio visual equipment in front of your screen. It's great for poolside cinema events, when you have a tight audience viewing area, or when you simply want to minimize clutter for a professional looking production.

    The Pro Series screen is simple to install. Simply secure the screen with the provided stakes and tethers, attach the air blower, and watch it inflate in 60 seconds. Pro Series screens come in the following projection surface widths: 9' x 5', 12' x 7', 16' x 9', and 20' x 11.25'.

    Product Features

    • 12' x 7' Surface, wide screen, matte white wrinke free zip-off projection surface
    • 16' x 16.5' x 7.5' inflatable movie screen frame
    • 8 tethers
    • 4 heavy duty steel stakes
    • Protective carrying bag
    • Repair kit
    • Air blower
    • Inflates in less than 60 Seconds
    • 1 year warranty

    Open Air PRO Series Product Information

    Use It Anywhere!

    • In the Park
    • At a Concert
    • Block party
    • At the beach
    Price: $3,299.00

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    Choose up to 6 products to compare

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