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Mustang Projector Screens

A lot of care and consideration goes into a making a major purchase like a projector screen. Naturally, you need to thoroughly consider your needs before you buy. Are you looking for a permanently installed screen that stays in place, or do you need something more portable? Will you be presenting to large audiences or small ones? Most importantly, which brand name do you trust to deliver the function, reliability, and value you're looking for?

If you're shopping for a projection screen on a tight budget, but still care very much about getting a good quality product for your money, then definitely consider a Mustang screen. Mustang has a stellar reputation for producing extremely budget conscious options that don't skimp in regards to quality. Easy to install, simple to use, and guaranteed not to break the bank ? that's Mustang!

Electric Wall and Ceiling Screens: Electrically operated wall and ceiling-mounted projection screens are considered to be the top of the line when it comes to projection surfaces. However, many options can be too cost-prohibitive to afford on a budget. Not so when you make Mustang your manufacturer of choice! Shop a wide selection of value-priced electric screens ranging from $200-400 on average.

Fixed Frame Screens: Looking for a permanently installed screen, but not particularly interested in a retractable option? Check out these incredible fixed frame screens from the good folks at Mustang. Shop a variety of sizes. Choose from standard video format or HDTV. Last but certainly not least, enjoy value pricing starting at under $200 ? what a bargain!

Manual Wall and Ceiling Screens: Are you keen on the idea of a permanent ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted projection screen, but not interested in fussing with electronic mechanisms? A manual wall or ceiling screen from the good folks at Mustang is perfect for you. Shop a variety of sizes and formats. Treat yourself to everyday value prices starting at under $200.

Pull-Up Screens: Are you in the market for a quality projection screen that is not only affordable, but portable as can be? These pull-up projection screens from Mustang are easy to move from room to room and place to place. Simply place the stand on the floor, pull the screen up, and lock it into place. Quick set-up, superior image quality, and unbeatable convenience!

Tabletop Screens: Many people ? including but not limited to traveling salespeople, professionals that work trade shows, and product reps on the go ? could use a highly portable, easy to use projection surface that can literally be set up anywhere. These tabletop screens from Mustang are just right for the job!

Tripod Screens: A tripod screen is capable of delivering a terrific viewing experience to a small audience under a variety of different circumstances. Perfect for educational facilities that require flexible audio-visual equipment, as well as churches, boardrooms, home presentations, trade shows, community productions, and more. Choose from a variety of different sizes and heights. Select square or video format. Enjoy fantastically affordable prices starting at just $200!


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