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Elite Outdoor Movies Platinum 27' Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen - Platinum27

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    Elite Outdoor Movies Platinum 27' Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen - Platinum27

    Item #: Elite-Outdoor-Movies-Platinum27

    Elite Outdoor Movies Manufacturer Part #: Platinum27


    Screen Type:
    Mount Type:
    HDTV [16:9]
    Elite Outdoor Movies
    Viewable Diagonal in.:
    Viewable Width in.:
    Viewable Height in.:
    Product Status:
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    Product Line:
    Elite Outdoor Movies
    Front/Rear Projection:
    Projection Surface:
    Matte White


    Super Bonus Bundle!

    A Platinum inflatable outdoor movie screen is designed to provide the high quality images of the movie theater to crowds as large as 8,000. With sizes ranging from 22 ft to 42 ft, our outdoor movie screens can accommodate the largest of crowds and ensure each person enjoy a high-quality cinema experience.

    Open Air Movie Platinum Screens are like no other commercial screen. They are lighter weight and more durable. Thicker tube design allows for greater wind resistance. The frames are durable enough to last 20+ years making them a staple in your community, military base, business etc.

    Features include: Quick inflation, 2-3 person setup depending on screen size, lightest, yet most durable screens on market, BIGGEST SCREEN SIZES ON THE MARKET, frames range from 22'x13' to 42'x24.75', can accommodate anywhere from 500 to 5,000 viewers (depending on size selection), 35+ mph wind rated, more wind than your crowd will stick crowd for, 16:9 aspect ratio, made from lightweight yet extremely durable reinforced PVC material.

    All screens come with:

    • Inflatable Screen
    • (2) Blower Motors one for backup
    • Highend vinyl theatrical grade projection surface
    • Hold Down Stakes
    • Patch kit
    • Mallet/Sledge Hammer for stakes
    • Warranty: 3 years frame
    • Warranty: 1 year surface
    Price: $8,639.00

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    Projector Screen Surface Info

    Matte White

    Matte White is a fiberglass surface for non high-definition projection and environments with controllable ambient light that preserves color as well as black and white images. Seamless sizes vary by product.

    Surface Characteristics

    • Front Projection Material
    • Washable and Mildew Resistant
    • Flame Retardant
    • Greenguard™ Certified


    Surface Material Properties

    Peak Gain 1.0
    Half Gain 60 Degrees
    Front / Rear Projection Front
    Flame Resistance Yes
    dalite matte white

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