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Hisense PX1 Ultra Short Throw Projector Triple...

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Hisense PX1

TriChroma Projector
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Hisense PX1
Hisense PX1: The Triple - Laser UST Built for Home Cinema

The PX1 features the award-winning triple-laser TriChroma laser engine to achieve full coverage of the BT.2020 color space for a true-to-life picture. With Variable Focus the PX1 delivers a razor-sharp 4K image in sizes from 100 to 120-inches. And with premium features like eARC for lossless audio, Filmmaker Mode, and Auto Low Latency Mode, the PX1 is an Ultra Short Throw projector brimming with immersive entertainment potential.

TriChroma really is R, G, B-eautiful. The PX1 uses pure red, green, and blue lasers to achieve new levels of color performance, reaching 107% of the BT.2020 color space - that’s color you’ve never seen on a display before. PX1 also leverages DLP display technology used in 9 out of 10 cinemas worldwide. With extreme clarity and depth of color, everything you watch looks truly cinematic.

Hisense PX1
Hisense PX1
Hisense PX1
Hisense PX1 Perfect for Home Cinema

At 2000 Lumens brightness, the PX1 has plenty of output to faithfully recreate sparkling highlights, punchy colors, and deep blacks. While a good performer in any space when paired with an ALR screen, the PX1 looks best in a darkened room with lighting control.

Hisense PX1 Immersive Entertainment

Get ready to take movie night, your next streaming binge, or gaming with the boys to a whole new level. With Variable Focus the PX1 can project images from 100 to 120 inches with razor-sharp focus for maximum viewing immersion.

Hisense PX1 Buttery Smooth Motion

With the PX1’s microsecond-level processor response, you never miss a moment of the action. Fast-moving images are buttery smooth and crystal clear - so whether its sports, games, or action films the PX1 keeps pace.

Hisense PX1 Incredible Clarity and Contrast

4K Ultra HD produces over 8 million pixels to create extreme clarity across an extra-large projection. High Dynamic Range expands color and contrast so you can enjoy a stunningly vibrant picture with incredible depth and detail.

Hisense PX1 Sound that Places you Inside the Action

With built-in 30W Dolby Atmos® sound, PX1 sounds bigger than it looks. Get clear speech, crisp highs, and booming lows without having to invest in any extra gear. Or use the High-Speed HDMI port with eARC to pass-thru uncompressed audio to your surround sound system.

Hisense PX1 Android TV

Android TV brings great content to the biggest screen in your home. Install apps from the Google Play Store and login to your favorite streaming services for limitless entertainment. Use Chromecast to mirror your phone or tablet directly to the Laser Cinema.

Hisense PX1 Game Mode & ALLM

No need to manually change picture settings when you’re about to drop in. Auto Low Latency Mode detects when a gaming console is the active source and automatically adjusts projector settings to optimize game performance.

Hisense PX1 Filmmaker Mode

Filmmaker Mode disables several image processing adjustments from the projector settings to ensure you’re seeing content exactly the way the moviemakers intended.

Hisense PX1

25,000 Hour Laser Life

The PX1’s laser light technology provides up to 25,000 hours of entertainment without any loss in laser performance. And forget LED projectors with their slow warm-up time – the PX1 has instant-on laser light to set the perfect picture without the wait.

Hisense PX1

Variable Focus

Dial-in image focus from the convenience of your couch. Variable Focus allows you to adjust the projector’s focus mechanism with your remote - no need to mess with a manual focus wheel.

Hisense PX1

Smart Home Ready

Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Works with Alexa, and Control4 compatible, the PX1 can be integrated with your smart home ecosystem to create automations to your heart’s content.

Hisense PX1
Hisense PX1
Hisense PX1 Pro

Product Dimensions

20.5” x 6.3” x 12.8” (WxHxD)
20.3 lbs
Package Dimensions
23.8” x 11.6“ x 15.8” (WxHxD)
Package Weight
26.5 lbs


Projection Size
2000 Lumens
Resolution / Refresh Rate
4k @ 60Hz
Color Space
107% BT.2020
Contrast Ratio
1,000,000:1 (dynamic)
Light Source
Red + Green + Blue Laser
Laser Life
25,000+ Hours
Throw Ratio
0.47” DMD


Audio Output Power
30W (Stereo)
Surround Sound
Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital

Smart Features

Smart TV Platform
Android TV (Google Certified)
App Store
Google Play Store
Streaming Services
Disney+, HBO NOW, Hulu, Prime Video, SHOWTIME, Pandora, Sling TV, YouTube
Voice Assistant
Google Assistant
Works With
Hey Google, Amazon Alexa
Screen Mirroring


Yes, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Dual-Band)
Wired Ethernet


Power Consumption
Standby Consumption
Power Supply
AC 120V, 60Hz


2x HDMI 2.1
1x (eARC on HDMI port 2), CEC
1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
RF Antenna
Ethernet (LAN)
Digital Audio Output
1x Optical
Analog Audio Output

Other Features

Chassis Color
Navy Blue
Gaming Input Lag
~30 ms
Parental Controls
Closed Caption
Sleep Timer
Eye Safety
Remote Finder
2 Year warranty


Yes, voice remote with backlight
Quick Start Guide / Manual
QSG in box, Manual online
Power Cable
Cleaning Kit
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Hisense PX1 Pro
Hisense PX1 Pro
Hisense PX1 Pro


Hisense PX1 Reviews

Hisense Px1-pro UST
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I've spent a lot of time researching what UST projector to purchase. I landed on the Hisense Px1-pro and have not been disappointed. First off, the service from Projector Screen is great. They have lots of good deals and I really liked chatting with agents on multiple occasions before making my decision. The PX1-Pro was shipped super fast and took no time to set up. I was curious how to get the picture lined up perfectly but the set up has you get the image set up pretty close and the phone app uses pictures to fine tune it from there. I've ordered a custom cabinet that is coming so don't judge my set-up. I have a Vivid Storm S-Pro floor screen. FYI, it doesn't appear that the USB doggle that comes with the screen to raise it when the projector powers up works with the Hisense. I'm going to get a receiver soon so I'll try it with that. No biggie. I basically tossed the PX1-Pro on the ground and was watching movies less than 30 min later. My wife was very against the screen and UST set up, but once we watched a movie on it, she was sold. The image quality is crazy. It works well with ambient light in the room and you can view from near 180 degrees.

review image   review image  
Amazing picture
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I exhaustively researched projectors in this price category and saw very good reviews for the L9G, which uses the same tri-laser system. Went out on a limb with this one after speaking with a very helpful customer service rep at It was brand new at the time and there wasn't much info about it available other than that Hisense was trying to improve the picture by outputting fewer lumens. This projector did not disappoint. The colors are amazing. Decent detail in the shadows for a UST laser, and nice blacks. Easy setup and friendly user interface. Only complaint is that it doesn't have Netflix and you can't cast Netflix to the built-in Chromecast, so I had to buy a separate Chromecast to plug in. If you don't mind that minor headache, I'd highly recommend it for any room with minimal daylight/decent light control.
PX1-Pro Comparison in Dedicated Theater Room
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I took a look at both the Hisense L9G and PX1-Pro UST projectors. I also compared the PX1-Pro with the JVC NX5 and Optima UHZ65 projectors. I used a Cima Tiburon .8 gain screen and an idis13 with Chromapure software and test disc to conduct testing. Below are my findings with some photos attached.

Hisense PX1-Pro:

Sharpness. 10/10. The PX1-Pro was sharper than the L9, the NX5, and the UHZ65. In fact, the Pro had one of the sharpest images I’ve seen from a projector. I wasn’t expecting that, especially given it uses the smaller .47 TI DLP chip and an actuator to simulate native 4K, as does the L9G.

Contributing to this sharpness phenomenon is not only the fact that the pixels are bouncing off the screen from a few inches away, but that this UST projector is equipped with manual digital remote focus to help tighten things on that front.

The lens configuration is excellent. Brightness uniformity outperformed the UHZ65’s and was slightly better than the NX5 and even the sibling L9. The machine put up rock solid yet cinematically appearing images. Like with the sharpness phenomenon mentioned above, this solidity is likely due to the pixels bouncing off the screen from just inches away.

Motion. 9.5/10. Using “Custom” motion at a setting of 2 for Judder and 2 for Motion Blur produced very smooth motion with no soap opera effect. There were some very rare panning shots of objects or people moving that showed with some mild judder. But overall, at that setting, motion looked natural as if native and slightly better than the native motion of the NX5 and UHZ65.

Resolution. 8.5/10. Oddly, for a smaller chipped shifter projector, the PX1-Pro resolved about the same or almost the same amount of detail as did the native 4K JVC NX5. But again, this DLP comes with better precision from the single chip design, which here is emitting so close to the screen as if the pixels are emanating from an emissive/flat panel display.

Color. 10/10. The relevant color spaces for this discussion are rec709, DCI-P3, and Rec/BT 2020. Rec/BT 2020 being the widest, there isn’t much commercial video content graded to extend color that far out. Some movies like The Matrix, Lucy, and Mad Max, Fury Road, however, do extend beyond DCI-P3. I put those movies in the player and found some noticeable color improvement in certain scenes over my other displays. That is, both the NX5 and UHZ65 are capable of around 90% of P3, while the PX1-Pro is capable of exceeding even Rec2020. While all displays accurately calibrated to DCI-P3 should render the color targets the same, some, like the JVCs, rely on a color filter to get there. What stood out to me with PX1-Pro and the L9 was the native color reproduction showed the purity and brightness of the tri-lasers’ colors.

Compared with the L9, the PX1-Pro had a slight red push. Setting the color temp to mid-low and calibrating the white point helped. Calibrating both the L9 and the PX1-Pro to the Rec2020 color space, the 9 calibrated better. After calibrating it with an i1dis3 off the Tiburon screen, the L9 had a white balance Delta Error (DE) of only .6. Anything below a DE of 3 is hardly detectible. After color calibration of the Standard Picture mode, the 9 had a total average DE of 2.11, which is excellent. Conversely, the PX1-Pro had a total average DE after calibration of 4.43. This was mostly due to controlling green, likely also impacting red. Still, because the 2020 color space exceeds P3 found in almost all UHD content, and the Pro easily met P3, I gave the machine a perfect score here.

HDR. 8.5/10. Tone mapping was overall very good. The machine’s brightness capability was a tremendous help. However, setting the machine’s Active Contrast to High can cause some blown out highlights. Rolling back contrast from default to 42 and setting gamma to 2.2 reduced the effect. I was able to use Active Contrast on High without dialing back contrast when using the PX1-Pro with the Panasonic 820 disc player’s HDR optimizer.

Contrast. 7.5/10. I measured sequential contrast off the lens in Standard picture mode with the laser set to 10 and Laser Light Shift set to -10 with Active Contrast on High to get the best sequential contrast measurement. The lasers do turn off, so technically the machine has infinite contrast, but we don’t watch an all black screen for colorful content. So using enough pixels to keep the PX1-Pro’s lasers from shutting off yielded the sequential contrast measurement of 1,184:1. The L9 measured 1,170:1. Still the black level reading on the PX1-Pro was better than the L9’s. It came in at .45, whereas the black level reading of the L9 was .55. In actual viewing, the Laser Light Shift set to -10 made dark scenes look more convincing than I recalled them being on the Samsung LSP9T I had tested months ago. Also, the PX1-Pro had very good gray gradations in dark scenes.

Compared to the UHZ65 and NX5, however, the blacks on the PX1-Pro appeared as more of a dark gray. For comparison sake, the UHZ65’s best sequential contrast measurement was over 20,000:1 using its mid-laser DD without the laser shutting off and the JVC NX5’s native sequential contrast measurement at open aperture was 29,000:1 (activating the dynamic iris would improve on that number much more).

The reason I still gave the PX1-Pro a decent score, however, was because in addition to the benefit to black levels I presume it would receive from a dedicated .4 gain or .6 gain ALR screen, the PX1-Pro with me registered a relatively high ANSI contrast reading. Before I state the number, I would like you to take note that getting an accurate ANSI contrast measurement is very difficult; it’s very room and low light reflection dependent and a difference in room treatments can cause a variance in results. Anyway, the PX1-Pro, here, came in at 456:1. In “contrast,” the same day measurements of the NX5 was 244:1 and the UHZ65 340:1.

Artifacting. 8/10. I put up a cross hatch pattern onscreen and noticed some chromatic aberration. There was red bleed out of white and very slight blue jutting out but neither had any effect on actual content viewed. I also noticed speckle but could no longer make it out from 9 feet away.

While I saw color separation artifacts (rainbow effect) on the L9, I did not see any on the PX1-Pro in normal viewing. Although neither of the UST units use a color wheel, both units use a single chip and the colors all must pulse/sequence through the one chip at different times. My theory as to why I could not see RBE on the Pro is not that the colors are cycling more rapidly on the Pro than on the 9 but more likely because the Pro is not as bright, so color separation from white is not as noticeable. Then again, perhaps it would be a good idea to ask the Hisense engineers if the cycle speed was increased on the PX1-Pro. Either way, the finding still stands.

Value. 10/10. Feature-packed with true RGB lasers, great sharpness, good lens, strong motion handling, the ability to project up to 130 diagonal inches aided by digital focus capability, this projector, at an MSRP of $3,999, is one of the best value propositions I’ve come across in a long time.

The best triple-laser UST there is!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I've tried all the triple-laser USTs you can buy and recently settled on the Hisense L9G. Now seeing that this new model is basically the L9G for dark room viewing, plus the bonus of being able to adjust focus to different screen sizes (finally, Hisense), the PX1-PRO is now my daily driver.

The projector has a matte, dark-grey finish that essentially makes it disappear when the lights go out. The color and focus on this thing is easily the most best of any UST out there. I always saw some softness at the top corners of my screen with the other USTs I've tried, but this one is incredibly sharp. Edge to edge the picture looks amazing.

Hooked up to my PS5 it looks just like the L9G - auto detected PS5 as the source, activated auto-low latency mode, changed to my HDR Game picture preset. And everything I've tried plays so smooth - Rocket League, Destiny 2, Ghost of Tsushima, DOOM.

I could go on. At $3500 and in stock now, this was a fantastic purchase. Thanks,!
Beyond my expectations and a great replacement for a traditional TV!!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I have been up in the air about switching to a projector for quite a few years, but I finally took the dive into the segment and am very glad that I did. After a lot of research the Hisense PX1 Pro ticked all the boxes. I was looking for a home theater in my basement with an emphasis on gaming. The low input lag and color accuracy made the PX1 Pro a great choice. I also preferred the lower brightness of the PX1 Pro since I would be in a light controlled basement. I was under the assumption that an ALR screen was not necessary in a light controlled environment, but I have to say that I really do recommend it in any setting. It really makes the projector as versatile as a TV. Overall I can not recommend this projector more and I also highly recommend for their service and fast shipping.

review image  
First time UST buyer very satisfied, even on a textured wall!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
We had a 60" LED TV that developed a discolored area that was getting hard to ignore. We looked at larger panel screens but the logistics of getting them home kept us from going ahead. I discovered UST projectors in late 2021 and measured to see what screen we could accommodate. ~90" seemed the best size for our space and furniture. After studying online reviews, Hisense proved to be the best value. The 100L9G was too big but the 100 day return promotion almost got me. When the PX1-Pro came out it was the answer! I exchanged many emails with Brian who was very responsive and helpful and I see why people speak so highly of him. The 90" screen I wanted was on backorder due to the shipping nightmare in California so I waited until the end of January before I purchased the projector alone. I'm hoping to get a screen from projectorscreen in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the picture is very viewable on our lightly textured off white wall. The projector has enough brightness for daytime viewing with ~500 lux of outside light coming in from one side at the seating position. The attached daytime image is 381 lux. Current daytime picture settings are brightness/contrast: 75%, color 57% and red saturation: -80%. The nighttime image is using default filmmaker mode.

Sound from built in speakers is adequate, not great for music, and can be adjusted a little with the equalizer settings. I bought a Platin Monaco system for the (front, so far) atmos option down the road and am happy with the sound. I’m trying to incorporate the legacy 5.1 system but that might not work out due to lag issues. Luckily the Platin system is upgradable if needed. I'm glad I took the plunge into the UST world and look forward to completing the entire system.
review image   review image   review image  
Great picture quality. Perfect for home theaters with good light control.
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Prior to my purchase I had researched several other UST projects but ultimately held out for the PX1-Pro and don't regret my decision at all. This projector provides excellent picture quality even when projected onto a plain wall. One thing to note is that there seems to be a literal night and day difference depending on how much natural light you let into the room. If you plan to place this in a room that lets in a lot of natural light it may be worth it to invest in a dedicated screen. I do wish it had slightly more lumens, but besides this I'm quite content with my purchase. Also loved that this included a coaxial input which allowed me to hook up my HD antenna. Overall a solid purchase and well worth the investment.
review image  
Hisense PX1-Pro
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The Hisense PX1-Pro that I purchased is set up for mostly gaming purposes. Wow it is impressive! It projects on a 10×12 foot wall painted with 2 coats of your UST-ALR paint. Currently playing Forza 5, on a PC. Have also played some PS 4 games. I do use blackout curtains for darker scenes in movies, but overall it is fantastic.
PX1 Pro
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

So I was very hesitant to buy this projector do to how new it is, but with it being so comparable to the l9g I figured it was worth a shot. So my set up is a 120" light grey screen in my basement no windows completely light controlled. Set up was super simple and adjusting different aspects of the projector were pretty easy all in all. Now for the actual image, I was very surprised with true 4k content it was completely crisp and clean no hesitation from the projector at all, the only draw back I found is the lumens. I really wish this thing would be just a little brighter being a laser projector but it is what it is I know having a grey screen probably helps with black levels but it also cost a little in brightness so if I could do one thing over again it would be to go with a white screen. We've only had it hooked up for a few days now and all in all I'm impressed, movies look great, actual cable is so so but that's not the projectors fault it's only spitting out what cheap signal it's getting in from the cheap networks who refuse to spend the money and make the necessary upgrades for 4k content. As for the speakers they do a pretty good job they're basically the same as a sound bar but if you're wiling to spend the money on the projector do yourself a favor and pull out some cash for some decent WiSA certified speakers then you can truly feel immersed in the picture. Currently I can't find a stand low enough to support my projector so I plan on building one myself, plus I can configure it for all the rest of my gadgets and tech. All in all I would recommend the projector but like I said the only drawback I have found is the lumens I wish it was just a little brighter. Enjoy!

review image   review image  
Fantastic Picture, Fiddly Positioning
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I really love the size of this with my 120" Spectra screen. It's a bit washed out in the light (but still almost as good as a normal TV, fantastic in the dark. Comparable to a 1st gen QLED in the dark. Definitely not an OLED.

Getting it positioned took an hour. Auto position also didn't want to work for me so I used manual. Once I went manual it only took a few minutes. That's my only negative, and that's a given for any UST.

After trying many differently sized objects, the box it came in worked as a stand. Now I know the dimensions of furniture to buy.
review image   review image   review image  
PX1 Pro
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I've had my PX1- Pro for a couple weeks now. Since I had to wait for my screen to arrive and like probably every first time projector owner, I unpacked it and set it up to project on my not perfect walls to see how it works and what it looks like. And it was impressive... I've always had larger screens, but 75" was the max, and to set this up to match the screen size that I was getting even on a wall that was not a perfect color, it looked great..

Since I've never had a projector before, I cannot make effective comparisons to other projectors, However the color is impressive with the 3 laser and the brightness was adequate even with some lighting as my area is not perfectly dark during the day, though that can be improved with better curtains or blackout curtains.

As I noted, the image is very good even with some lighting and since the installation of my Spectra 120" screen that has improved. However like all projectors and in most reviews I've seen, anytime you can make the room dark, the picture and the colors pop even more..

Being my first projector, 2200 lumens does seem like enough, some scenes are quite bright, dark scenes look good, however without more to compare to, its impossible to know how good it really might be. I can perhaps see if it were brighter, I assume it would overcome any ambient light more easily, but my area is dim, even during the day, and I am planning to improve on that.

I have not had any issues with motion that I can complain about.. I've tried the various settings for it and motion handling seems to work fine.

During the setup, I used the projector's automatic geometric calibration and it works great, once you get things lined up as best you can manually, at least in my opinion, the final tweaks can be done in a minute with this feature. There has always been concern in most every setup or review video I've watched, where manual geometric calibration should be avoided as it can degrade the image, I do not believe I am seeing any such issue using the automatic geometric calibration feature. I find this feature very easy to use, step by step, QR code to connect to the projector, take a pic of the calibration screen and upload it, and in a few seconds you screen is perfectly aligned or so close, any final tweak is a breeze.

Overall I am very satisfied with my initial foray into projection and I think UST is the future, since they solve various issues that I think other long throw versions have inherently, however nothing is every perfect and I am sure that future UST's' will make more advances in setup and performance.
review image   review image  
Worth the money!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Received my PX1-PRO today. We decided to use our living room downstair as the movie room at night. We don’t watch TV or movies during the daytime, so light control is not an issue. I installed a regular 110 inches electric drop down screen, perfect size and great result at night. I had my friend’s LSP7T for couple weeks, easy to use, especially the preinstalled TV Apps. But I have to say, PX1-PRO has the best color, very natural and rich. I haven’t done any calibrations yet, only thing I noticed is the chromatic aberration, it doesn’t bother me, but you will notice it when you have white texts on the black background. I think Hisense is making a firmware update.
One more feature I must point out, PX1 has one analog audio output port, you can connect with a powered subwoofer directly, and turn on the build-in speakers and subwoofer at same time. That all I need for right now for kids movie night. Next step, I may buy a set of WiSA certified wireless speakers.
review image   review image   review image  
Good but not blown away
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The setup wasn't too difficult however I find the measurements for the PX1 to bottom of screen to be off for a 100" screen. It took me quite a while to get the screen and projector to marry where the picture was acceptable within the screen frame border. Still not perfect by about a half inch(black line across the bottom) but my measurements are spot on. Suggest you start your alignment (bottom of screen to bottom of PX1 on the low side and be happy to raise it if needed) I'm literal and built my console to almost exact measurements (within .25 inches) and I ended up having to cut my table legs another inch even though my bottom of screen to bottom of PX1 were within advertised specs. If they made the feet, on the PX1, either removable or with more adjustment throw, this could solve some issues. Just a thought. As far as the picture goes, it's more than adequate but not sure it is $3500 worth of awesome. To be fair, inexpensive 1.0 gain screen, gray in color(to increase contrast), but it isn't a $500 or north $$$ quality screen. Regardless I feel it should be a little sharper of an image and I'm not buying a $1000 ALR or CLR screen to find out if that's the issue. If someone wants to send me a top of the line screen to review I'd be happy to upend my setup and try it again at some point, but no way am I going to chance paying and experiencing more disappointment finding out it's not the screen. I'd go ballistic at that point. The focusing procedure for text is lacking and very hard to see(during the testing/focusing process), when you've dialed the words in complete focus. The range (blurry to not so blurry) changes are too slow and need to more definitive. Never do they become crisp to the point I'm left not wondering if I could do better. At some point I gave up and decided just to use the thing. My basement setup is pitch black so there is no ambient light causing any issues with picture. Any light bleed from outside sources and you won't be happy with the picture in my opinion. It's all either the PX1 or the screen that I'm not blown away with. This is my first laser projector so maybe I'm too critical? Reviews and advertisements for the product lead me to believe it's the best and latest tech, so I feel responsibility needs to be taken at Hisense level and whoever markets the product. Overall I'm not returning the product because I built out the basement specifically to add this laser projector and theater sitting area. Its average or above for the price... but not "nutso, I can't believe it awesome." For the record, I'm extremely critical to the point of borderline perfection insanity. Retired Navy Chief and 100% disabled vet who absolutely has to have the best result when making purchases of this magnitude or spending just a dollar. Stuff just has to be right. It has to be simple so any Joe can do it and it must be as advertised. I feel this missed the mark a bit considering the ticket price for admission at $3500. However, I'll put in a plug for the Nakamichi 9.2.4 right here on this review. For a soundbar scenario this thing is NUTS! That was money well spent. Sound out of the Hisense PX1 is ok and acceptable're not getting the most out of a theater type experience if you don't have dolby atmos surround going on from an external system. I chose the soundbar system scenario because of a tight space. It doesn't disappoint and feel it's worth the money spent. Well, there you go, hope everything was clear as mud. There will be no pictures of the inside of my home, so don't ask for them. One final note. customer service chat was very responsive and he tried to help until he couldn't. Sent me the tech information and I'm sure the tech department would have been just as friendly. So I have no issue with this company and would gladly buy from them again. Ultimately I got it to useable and decided not to stress myself out any longer. But don't think that half inch black line doesn't give me nightmares every time I turn it on. Thankfully, Top Gun is in Widescreen, with no other option, so I can't get away from black lines anyway. Thank you.
Pretty good with some issues
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This is my first projector so I don’t have anything to compare this projector to, but the 4K image is really good most the time. I am having issues with a little judder or frame rate issues every 30 seconds to a minute when watching 4K and HD. I’ve used a Shield TV and Apple 4K, with the Apple TV on match frame rate, but have the studder issue on both. The worst part is the overscan or extra light on my wall. The image fits into my 123 inch CLR3 screen but there is two to five inches of light outside of the frame. I’m just living with the extra light right now, but it is very frustrating after spending $3600 on the projector.
review image  
Theater at its Finest!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
One word… OUTSTANDING. We purchased the Hisense PX1 Pro and have enjoyed it from the day we plugged it in. Setup for the Hisense was a piece of cake. We used the auto keystone feature and had a beautiful, bright picture within 15 minutes of opening the box. The screen that we are using is a DIY PVC fabric on a 1x1 frame. It is not the best screen, yet the Hisense projects a vivid picture like no other. It’s bright enough for us to run during the day with an open floor plan living room with 3 large windows. We do draw the curtains, but in no way is this a light controlled area of the house.
For an out-of-the-box experience, the Hisense leads the way. The only setting I have had to go through is changing the reds as they were super saturated in some shots. I am sure that someone could point out setting issues, but for us watching movies, tv shows, and gaming this projector needs very few adjustments. And speaking of gaming… we are not hardcore gamers. Racing on the PS5 or Fortnite with friends on a 100” screen is CRAZY!
We originally tried going with a different manufacturer, but the rainbow effect made my wife nauseous and unbearable to watch. The Hisense has very few scenes where this effect is noticeable and when it is noticed, it is more of a quick annoyance than anything else.
For one of the best Ultra Short Throw Projectors on the market, look no further than the Hisense PX1 Pro. Bringing Movie Theater pictures to our living room! Our family now piles on the couch every night for some quality screen time and happy memories!
Note: Pictures don’t do this projector justice.

review image   review image   review image  

Hisense PX1 Ultra Short Throw Projector Triple Laser UST 2000 Lumens

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    Why do I need to contact you in order to place my order?

    As an authorized dealer for the product you are looking at, is bound by certain agreements with our manufacturer partners in how we display, price and sell certain products.

    Some items may not be able to be advertised below a certain price or any pricing at all and others may not be able to be added to a shopping cart via an “add to cart” button.

    If a competitor’s website has the same product but is not restricting the display/functionality in the same way that you see here on, than that competitor is likely NOT an authorized dealer.

    What does that mean for you as the customer? It is very likely that the manufacturer may not honor your products warranty, or that your product was never intended for the US market to begin with.

    If you have any questions regarding a specific product, please do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 392-4814.