JVC has not confirmed or denied any of the information in this article.

According to our sources, after three years of ruling the home theater projector space with their line of NX projectors including the JVC NX5, NX7 and NX9, JVC is ready to take another monumental leap ahead of the pack by adding laser projectors for home cinema.

We are expecting JVC to introduce these new home theater projectors at the CEDIA Expo in September 2021.

These models are expected to come equipped with JVC’s latest laser light technology that is found in their flagship RS4500 model. On top of that, the lumen output is likely going to be significantly increased compared to the DLA-NX and RS series. This would potentially bring these incredible projectors out of the basement and into the living room when paired with a proper projector screen.

The chassis likely has a modular structure in order to implement either a laser light source or a lamp based light source. This means the new line of JVC projectors would look similar to the current NX line but with different guts. It’s possible they might even be the same housing as the NX series.

When Will They Be Released?

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that JVC will introduce the successor to the JVC DLA-NX series in 2021.

We expect them to make the official announcement at the CEDIA Expo in September.


The most spectacular innovation for these home cinema laser projectors from JVC is undoubtedly the BLU-Ecent laser light technology.

This is the same laser light technology found in the $25,000 JVC DLA-RS4500K Pro model but now available for residential users.

JVC’s BLU-Ecent laser light technology: The BLU-Ecent technology has a reflective phosphor wheel and not a transmissive one, as used by other manufacturers.

The technology in the BLU-Ecent system is similar to the NX series except instead of using traditional projector lamps the projector uses blue laser diodes that are run through a series of filters and then reflected off the D-ILA chips to produce the image you see on the screen with incredible details and colors.

The advantage of the BLU-Ecent laser light technology over a more traditional bulb is the extended lamp-life. The laser light source typically have a lamp life between 25,000 - 30,000 hours. That's five hours of film watching everyday for over 16 years!

No more needing to replace the expensive bulbs.

Another advantage of the BLU-Ecent laser technology compared to other laser projectors is that it doesn’t produce laser speckling.

Colors, Black Levels and Contrast Ratios

We don’t have any information on the picture quality, however with JVC’s reputation for high performance projectors we can expect the P3 color space to be fully covered, if not exceed, the Rec. 2020 color spectrum.

The black levels and contrast ratios are also all but guaranteed to be industry leading.

How Many Lumens Will The JVC Laser Projectors Have?

According to the speculated/rumored information, the light output is expected as follows:

- 2,000 lumens for the 4K laser entry-level model

- 2,500 lumens for the medium 4K laser model

- 3,000 lumens for the top laser model

This means a significant increase in light output compared to the NX series, particularly from the top model. There is some speculation they may produce lumens but these brightness levels would be in line with other newly released laser projectors like the LG HU810P.

However, because of technical reasons, they probably won’t be much brighter because a much larger housing would be required to cool off the unit so as not to damage the delicate D-ILA chips.

Extensive Equipment and Technology Included

The new series is expected to have three D-ILA chips with a native 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. All-glass lenses are expected to be used so that ultra high resolution completely shows up on your projector screen for truly cinematic viewing.

These new JVC projectors will most certainly also include Frame Adapt HDR and Theater Optimizer for dynamic tone mapping.

The interframe calculation has been further improved.

HDMI 2.1 ports may be considered, but we’re not positive, as there are probably still problems with chip production due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Motor zoom, focus, lens shift, 3D capabilities and High Dynamic Range (HDR) complete the equipment package.

How Much Will the New JVC Laser Projectors Cost?

Information on the pricing of these projectors is purely speculative.

Based on what happened when the DLA-NX series was released we anticipate that these new units will be a thousand or two more than the current pricing of the older models.

We weren’t able to confirm if JVC will continue to produce the line of NX projectors.

Get Excited!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting any snippet of information we can get our hands on. So far, there are a ton of reasons to get excited for the new JVC laser projectors.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back since we’ll be updating this article as more information becomes available.

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