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Ghent LWB2430GB 24x30 LINK Board Lime Green Base/Bright Blue Face

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    Ghent LWB2430GB 24x30 LINK Board Lime Green Base/Bright Blue Face

    Item #: Ghent-LWB2430GB

    Ghent Manufacturer Part #: LWB2430GB


    Board Type:
    Powder Coat Steel Whiteboard
    Dimensions (W' x H'):
    2.5 x 2
    Frame Color:
    Lime Green
    Frame Material:
    Item Depth:
    Item Height:
    Item Width:
    Surface Material:
    Surface Color:
    Bright Blue
    Product Status:
    Leaves Warehouse within 1-2 Business Days
    Product Line:


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    The LINK Board adds color, productivity and mobility to modern workspaces. LINK features a premium dry-erase powder coat finish on a beautifully formed steel face and base with color choices to add personality to personal spaces. The surface is inherently magnetic, and will not ghost or stain. Designed with a 5° angle off the wall, LINK Boards are the only ergonomically designed personal whiteboards in the world. The removable face can be easily transported for use in group settings. LINK is multifunctional with 2 boards in 1. When the board is removed, the base provides an additional writing surface with a built-in utensil tray. Includes marker with magnetic holder and microfiber cloth with a magnet. Base features slotted mounting holes for easy installation. Made in the USA.

    • Personal spaces need personality. The LINK Board was designed to add color, productivity, and mobility to modern workspaces.

    • LINK Boards are inherently magnetic, ergonomically designed, and mobile. Use not only as a writing surface, but as a place to post thoughts, collaborate, and inspire. The LINK Board comes with both the base and the face pieces as one (not sold separately).

    • The LINK Board features Premium Dry-Erase Powder Coat on a beautifully formed steel surface for an incredible user experience. Watch the video or check out the product literature to learn more about the world's first personal, ergonomically designed whiteboard.

    • Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind communication tool and make your personal space, personal.
    Price: $264.00

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