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Elite Screens ZCU1 Ceiling Trim Kit

    • Elite Screens SKT150UH-E12-AUHD Saker Tension AcousticPro UHD Series 150 diag. (73.6x130.7) - HDTV [16:9] - AcousticPro UHD - 1 Gain
    • Elite Screens ZCU1 Ceiling Trim Kit - Elite-ZCU1
    • Elite Screens ZCU1 Ceiling Trim Kit - Elite-ZCU1
    • Elite Screens ZCU1 Ceiling Trim Kit - Elite-ZCU1
    • Elite Screens ZCU1 Ceiling Trim Kit - Elite-ZCU1
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    Elite Screens ZCU1 Ceiling Trim Kit

    Item #: Elite-ZCU1

    Elite Screens Manufacturer Part #: ZCU1


    Elite Screens
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    "Elite Screens is very proud to have our products featured and promoted with / Next Projection. Their management team has been valued partners of ours for many years and we rely on their expertise in the channel and products to support our mutual customers."

    Barry Coles Vice President
    Elite Screens Inc.

    The Saker Tab-Tension Series includes a tab-tension system with AcousticPro HD material to maintain flatness all across the projection surface. Standard features include a wireless 5-12 volt trigger, IR/RF remote control package, and a detachable manual keypad switch.

    Screen Material:

    The AcousticPro UHD (ultra-high definition) is a moiré-free self-supported acoustically transparent front projection screen material. The dense synthetic weave is compatible with Ultra-High Definition/4K resolutions while mitigating light penetration for a brighter picture. The AcousticPro UHD design maximizes sound penetration with minimal attenuation without compromising picture quality. The AcousticPro UHD material’s wide diffusion uniformity offers a broad viewing angle with superb picture quality across the entire surface. This provides equal brightness levels on or off axis.

    • Gain: 1.0
    • Viewing Angle: 180° (90°L/R)
    • Moiré-free
    • Wide diffusion uniformity – maintains luminance levels throughout entire surface
    • Mildew Resistant
    • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
    • 4K UHD and Active 3D ready
    • Mean Attenuation: -2.36dB

    Control System:

    • Internal Radio Frequency/Infrared receivers with IR, RF remotes included
    • Detachable 3-way wall switch keypad for UP/STOP/DOWN manual operation
    • Wireless 5-12 volt trigger included
    • RJ45 port allows 3rd party control system integration

    Design and Installation:

    • Curved aluminum enamel white case with parallel grooves
    • Mounting hardware kit included for wall or ceiling installation
    • Extra top black masking border for high ceiling installations
    • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat projection surface
    • Flush hidden wall mounts allow screen to slide horizontally for proper centering
    • Plug & Play ready, no hardwire installation required

    Quality and Reliability:

    • Silent operation synchronous motor and low power consumption
    • GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD® Gold Certified (MaxWhite FG)
    • 2-year warranty from defects in workmanship
    • 3-year warranty offered through ENR-G program (Education, Non-profit, Religious, and Government/Military)
    Price: $210.67

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