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Draper 107248Q-Black Silhouette/Series V 83 diag. (50x66.5) - Video [4:3] - 1.0 Gain

    • Draper 107248Q-Black Silhouette/Series V 83 diag. (50x66.5) - Video [4:3] - 1.0 Gain - Draper-107248Q-Black
    • Draper 107248Q-Black Silhouette/Series V 83 diag. (50x66.5) - Video [4:3] - 1.0 Gain - Draper-107248Q-Black
    • Draper 107248Q-Black Silhouette/Series V 83 diag. (50x66.5) - Video [4:3] - 1.0 Gain - Draper-107248Q-Black
    • Draper 107248Q-Black Silhouette/Series V 83 diag. (50x66.5) - Video [4:3] - 1.0 Gain - Draper-107248Q-Black
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    Draper 107248Q-Black Silhouette/Series V 83 diag. (50x66.5) - Video [4:3] - 1.0 Gain

    Item #: Draper-107248Q-Black

    Draper Manufacturer Part #: 107248Q

    12 inch Black Drop


    Special Features:
    Supported Resolution:
    Screen Type:
    Mount Type:
    Wall and Ceiling
    Video [4:3]
    Viewable Diagonal in.:
    Viewable Width in.:
    Viewable Height in.:
    Surface Color:
    Product Status:
    Case Color:
    Product Line:
    Silhouette/Series V
    Front/Rear Projection:
    Projection Surface:
    Matt White XT1000V


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    " / Next Projection is a great partner for Draper, and we value that partnership. They work to educate their customers in the technology provided by Draper projection screen surfaces, to provide the best experience possible depending on each application. They say they are passionate about projection, and they truly mean it."

    Randy ReeceDirector of Audio Visual Sales & Marketing
    Draper, Inc.


    With slender dimensions, the electric, tab-tensioned, wall- or ceiling-mounted Silhouette V projection screen features a contemporary design. Tab-tensioned screens provide a perfectly flat viewing surface with better image quality. Draper’s RF welded tabs create a more durable seal that eliminates separation and stickiness. The screen and dowel retract completely inside the stylish case to provide a streamlined look.

    Viewing surfaces available with this model are:

    Matt White XT1000V
    Grey XH600V
    Pure White XT1300V
    CineFlex CH1200V
    CineFlex White XT700V
    ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V
    ClearSound Perf XT900V


      • Case dimensions 6" high x 4-3/4" deep (15 cm x 12 cm). Optional built-in controls and extra drop may increase case length.
      • Maximum image width up to 96" (244 cm) wide, depending on surface selection.
      • RF welded tabs eliminate stickiness and tab separation. Tabs warranted against separation for five years.
      • Image area fully framed with black. Standard 12" (30 cm) black drop at top of viewing area.
      • Streamlined extruded aluminum case finished in white (standard) black available. No exposed fasteners or mounting brackets.
      • Front fascia removable without tools for easy access to roller and motor for service.
      • Conduit connection provided at back or top of case.
      • Rear projection surfaces available.
      • Bottom of viewing surface enclosed in dowel that disappears inside case when retracted.
      • Optional Plug & Play with built-in low-voltage controller (LP) or with built-in quiet, low-voltage controller (QLP).
      • Includes a 110V, 3-position switch (standard). Quiet, low voltage motors and 220V options are available.
      • Custom sizes available.

      Supporting Documents

      Word document 3 Part Specs
      AutoCAD document CAD (dwg)
      PDF document CAD (pdf)
      PDF document Care and Maintenance Instructions
      PDF document Catalog Page
      PDF document Instructions - 110V
      PDF document Instructions 220V
      PDF document Low Voltage Controls Wiring Instructions
      PDF document Low Voltage Controls Wiring Instructions (230V)
      PDF document Submittal
      PDF document Warranty

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      Matt White XT1000V

      The perfect matt white diffusing surface. Recommended for use with all types of projectors provided ambient light can be reasonably controlled. Reflects a uniformly bright image over complete 180° viewing cone with precise resolution and accurate color balance.

      This surface was previously named "M1300."

      This surface is GREENGUARD Children and SchoolsSM certified. Available with black backing and without.

      Surface Characteristics

      • Front Projection Material.
      • Flame Retardant.
      • Greenguard™ Certified.
      • This material does NOT reach half gain.


      Surface Material Properties

      Peak Gain 1.0
      Half Gain N/A
      Front / Rear Projection Front
      draper matte white xt1000v
      draper matte white ext 1000v

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      Extend Warranty Included

      Purchase this product worry-free with a complimentary 2-year extended warranty from Extend with ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE protection. Want even more coverage? Upgrade to a 3 or 4 year at a discounted price.

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