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Projector Screen Paint - 3D4K Silverish Light Grey with 1.6 Gain-HD 1080P,3D Capable and 4K Ready-Gallon

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Item #: POS-G003d4K
Manufacturer Part #: G003d4K
Paint on Screen
Screen Type:
Product Status:
In Stock
Mount Type:
Product Line:
Paint on Screen
Color: Silverish Light Grey

Product Name: 3D4K
Gain: 1.6
Resolution: HD 1080p, 4K Ready
3D Capable: Active Shutt
Viewing Angle: 140 Degrees
Color: Silverish Light Grey
Roll or Spray Only.

A coating that can do it all. Designed for active 3D systems as well able to shine in a well lit area, this coating delivers high gain superior clarity with 4K ready smooth coating technology.

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Product Reviews
Three attempts and my painters couldn't get it right.
<p>I bought this paint when I had 2 projectors in a polarized 3d setup. This is an oil based paint that must be sprayed, so I hired a painting crew. My screen is large enough that I required a full gallon.</p><p>The painters just couldn't get this right. There were visible "frosted" areas where the paint probably was covered too quickly. After 3 attempts, each using up a gallon of paint and 3 months of my theater room unusable, I gave up.</p><p>The paint maintained polarization very well, and it was nice to use cheap, lightweight glasses. </p><p>I gave only 3 stars as my painting crew could not get the application to work. The streaking and "frosted" regions are highly visible. I have ditched the old projectors and am giving up on silver screens by using active shutterglasses. </p><p>Sure, you could blame my "amateur" painters for not applying the product correctly, but in rural Georgia, I can't get anyone else "professional" to apply this paint. I had to give up after going through $1000 of paint and equal that in labor.</p>

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