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DnP SuperNova Blade 120 diag.(58.8x104.6) - HDTV [16:9] - 08-85 Surface - 0.85 Gain

Item #: DNP-5120100145
Manufacturer Part #: 5 120 100 145
Ambient Light Rejection:
Ambient Light Rejection
Viewable Diagonal in.:
Viewable Width in.:
Viewable Height in.:
HDTV [16:9]
Screen Type:
Fixed Frame
Product Status:
Leaves Warehouse within 4-5 Weeks
Mount Type:
Wall and Ceiling
Case Color:
Product Line:
Supernova Blade
Front/Rear Projection:
Projection Surface:

Supernova Blade

The dnp Supernova Blade is an elegant, frameless front projection screen that is ideal for use in meeting rooms, retail stores and residential applications.

Only 3mm thick and available in sizes 100", 110" and 120" in 16: 9, it meets modern customers' demand for flatter, wider screens which maximize image size while reducing the space requirement of the overall installation.

The screen's clean look and slim-line format suit modern architecture and interiors perfectly. At the same time, the dnp Supernova Blade performs superbly, providing a great viewing experience, even in brightly lit environments.

Supernova Blade Overview

dnp optical front projection screens

Made with ISF-certified Supernova 08-85 or with 23-23 material, dnp Supernova Blade has a built-in optical filter which absorbs ambient light and boosts contrast. The result is vivid, sharp images with up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front projection screens.

The screen's light-absorbing capabilities eliminate the need for a dedicated darkened room and thus extend the opportunities for quality viewing into a much broader range of environments.

There is no need to draw the blinds in meeting rooms, and in home entertainment installations, there is no need to wait until after dark to start the movie.

Flexible and easy installation

The Supernova Blade is easy to install and can be mounted in two ways: either hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

When wall-mounted, its super-slim format gives the effect of a 'window on the world'; when suspended from the ceiling by almost invisible wires, the effect is even more dramatic. It appears to be floating in mid-air.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the screen design is also space-saving - an additional advantage in retail situations, where every square meter counts.

See how dnp's Supernova screen surface compares to a standard screen in ambient light.

Move the red bar to adjust the lighting - the difference is clear!

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