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Grandview LF-PE120(169)UHD130(03) Reference Edge Series Fixed-Frame - 120"(59x105) - [16:9]

Grandview LF-PE120(169)UHD130(03) Reference Edge Series Fixed-Frame - 120"(59x105) - [16:9] (GV-LF-PE120(169)UHD130(03))

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Ultra-narrow frame The new Edge Series has a frame just 29mm wide, looks like a giant LED TV. With this limited width the image is controlled within screen range in case tiny deflection happens during image adjustment. "Attached" to the wall The...
Houston, TX

Love my HD 130 Grandview 120" screen

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As soon as Grandview released their ISF-certified 1.3 gain screen material, I put it in my curved Grandview 120" 16:9 screen frame and the results were everything I wished for. I started out with Grandview's .8 gain grey fabric, because my room wasn't fully light controlled. It gave me a good picture, but the ambient light in my room really lessened the Contrast Ratio. I managed to turn the room into a "Batcave" (fully dark) and switched to the 1.0 gain matte white. It was a terrific picture but I had to run the projector (Sony HW30ES) in high lamp with the large 120" screen. Because of this, and because I wanted to switch to a 4K projector with HDR; as soon as the 1.3 gain HD130 material became available, I switched again. What a difference.

I now run in low lamp mode, almost doubling the life of the projector lamp and the colors of this isf-certified material are fantastic. From a viewing distance of 10 feet, I can't see any pixels from my current 1080p projector, there is no screen texture to be seen and there are no "sparkles" from the screen coating. In my previous house, I had a large Cinemascope 12' wide Stewart Studiotek 130 screen and to be frank, this Grandview screen at one-quarter the cost for an equivalent size looks just as good to my non-expert eyes.

The screen arrived in a package that was the same length as the one-piece top and bottom rails, so it was easy to get it up the elevator to my new Condo. It was so well packed that it took an hour to get all the pieces ready for assembly. I went from unpacked to on the wall in three hours, working alone. The assembly was really easy, the fabric attachment method is simple and results in a very tight screen. The wall attachment method is dead simple--just put a single screw in the middle of the top rail at the height you want for the top of the screen, use a level to fix the position of the other screws and let the bottom rail dangle on the built-in positioning straps and just screw them in at the height where they dangle.

The screen was light and rigid enough for me to lift it up on the mounting rails by myself. I wrote how I have changed the fabric twice and the mounting system for the frame and the fabric is so simple that it only takes me an hour to do this from taking it off the wall to putting it back on the wall. I absolutely recommend this screen and it's perfect for do-it-yourselfers like me.

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