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EluneVision 150" (74x130) 16:9 Reference Studio Tab-Tensioned In-Ceiling Screen 4K+ 1.0 Gain Projector Screen - EV-TIC-150-1.0

EluneVision 150" (74x130) 16:9 Reference Studio Tab-Tensioned In-Ceiling Screen 4K+ 1.0 Gain Projector Screen - EV-TIC-150-1.0 (Elune-EV-TIC-150-1.0)

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Reference Studio 4K In-Ceiling Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screen Features No Compromise Concealed Screen Solution The Reference 4K In-Ceiling Tab-Tensioned Motorized screen is engineered for both performance and integration. The flush, sleek aluminum...

Great value, with a few caveats

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First, the positives. Now that the screen is installed, it works flawlessly, and is a definite upgrade that at the touch of a button turns our living room into a screening room. The tab tensioning keeps the screen quite flat and the images protected look great. The motorized screen has added a wow factor to our home. I can’t compare this to brand name screens that cost twice as much, but I am satisfied with my purchase. Customer support from is very good.

My major ask is that the screen work with one or more of the home automation systems. Also, when my screen retracts into the housing, the bar is angled back slightly and is not completely flush with the housing. Perhaps the edge of the where the last part of screen wraps around the roller is slightly behind the center of the opening in the housing. But this alignment is barely noticeable on my 12 ft ceiling. (I adjusted the upper limit of the screen retraction, but that did not solve the issue.)

The road to finishing the project was long and at times difficult. These screens are shipped from Canada, so two different carriers are involved. The carrier for the U.S. leg had no information about the screen’s progress. I had to get to update me, and I in turn updated the carrier about the fact that the screen had arrived at their terminal. When the truck showed up at my door, there was only person - the driver - to unload the 110 lb. box. The box was very damaged, and my inspection revealed that the screen housing was bent. So, the 13.5 ft. damaged box and screen sat in my house for a week before the carrier retrieved it. A week later, the second screen arrived. That box was also damaged, but the screen was not. (I was told by that at this price, screens are not shipped in a crate. Elunevision told me that they are working on improving the packaging.)

I chose to install this myself. This a job beyond the abilities of most amateurs, and I could happily go a long time now before taking on another home improvement project. Obviously, you should only plan to install this parallel to the joists in your ceiling. If you choose to install it yourself, you will need a reciprocating saw and be comfortable holding it over your head for a long time. Don’t skimp on the length of the opening - not so long that the plastic end caps won’t cover the opening, but long enough so that you can get our hand inside during the final step to tighten the nuts so the screen is flush with the ceiling. You will need to saw through at least one cross brace between your joists, using a blade that can chew through nails. You’ll want to have a metric tape measure that’s printed on both sides so that you measure on the ceiling.

You will also need to route power into the cavity you create in the ceiling and install an outlet for the screen. Do not install a GFCI outlet, because you are never going to want to go up into the ceiling cavity to reset it. I strongly recommend that you invest in a whole house surge protector. They cost about $100 and require a spot for a double pole breaker in your breaker box. The power cord for the screen is located on the left side, a helpful fact to ensure that you don’t install it facing in the wrong direction - not noted in the instructions for the screen.

The instructions offer no guidance about installing the screen in a residence if there is a floor above your screening room. That was my situation, and I cut one length of the opening in the ceiling roughly 3cm from a joist. I purchased from Amazon two pairs of angle brackets made for hanging projectors screens, and attached these to the joists using three strong hex head screws for each bracket that purchased at the hardware store. One pair of brackets was not exactly 90 degrees, so I put some washers behind them to make them perfectly level. I used a pair of brackets on each side, spaced exactly far enough apart so that each of the center section of the ceiling brackets included with screen dropped snugly into that space. I had to buy some smaller bolts to secure the ceiling brackets to my angle brackets - not for weight bearing, but to keep the ceiling bracket from sliding during installation.

I suspended two threaded rods from each ceiling bracket. These rods, M10, 1.5mm pitch, are included with the screen, but you will need to cut these to size yourself with a saw. Measure carefully! You’ll want these the rods to be as long as possible to make it easier to thread on the nuts, but about 2cm short of the outside of your drywall so that the end caps can clear when you snap them on to finish the installation. Be very careful not to damage the threads, or your installation of the screen will be an even more unpleasant stru

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