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Elite SK100XHW-E24 Saker 100 diag. (49x87) - 16:9 - MaxWhite FG - 1.1 Gain

Elite SK100XHW-E24 Saker 100 diag. (49x87) - 16:9 - MaxWhite FG - 1.1 Gain (Elite-SK100XHW-E24)

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The Saker Series is an electric projection screen that embodies all the virtues of quality, durability, and aesthetic value. It utilizes our MaxWhite FG material which has a wide viewing angle to allow the audience to see the image from anywhere in...
AZ,United States

Elite M120HSR-PRO Manual SRM Pro 120 diag. (59x105) - HDTV [16:9] - Max White FG 1.1 Gain [Elite Scr

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Excellent construction and picture quality.

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