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Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

    • Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors - SP-V-UST5-90
    • Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors - SP-V-UST5-90
    • Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors - SP-V-UST5-90
    • Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors - SP-V-UST5-90

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    Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

    Item #: SP-V-UST5-90

    Spectra Projection Manufacturer Part #: SP-V-UST5-90


    Special Features:
    Ambient Light Rejection, Ultra Short Throw
    Supported Resolution:
    Screen Type:
    Fixed Frame, Ultra Short Throw
    Mount Type:
    HDTV [16:9]
    Spectra Projection
    Viewable Diagonal in.:
    Viewable Width in.:
    Viewable Height in.:
    Surface Color:
    Product Status:
    In Stock
    Product Line:
    Front/Rear Projection:
    Projection Surface:
    Vantage UST 0.5


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    Enhance your ultra short throw projector’s capabilities with the Spectra Vantage UST Screen. This ambient light rejecting projector screen surface offers deeper black levels, a sharper 4K picture and incredible visuals for a more immersive viewing experience, all at an affordable price.

    Surface Characteristics

    • Ambient Light Rejection - Rejects 95% of Ambient Light
    • Legitimate 4K+ Resolution
    • Designed for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

    Surface Material Properties

    Maximum Size 120" Diagonal
    Peak Gain 0.5
    Half Gain 75 Degrees
    Ambient Light Rejection Value 95%
    Front / Rear Projection Front
    Resolution Up to 8K
    Minimum Throw 0.1 x Width
    Spectra Vantage UST 0.5
    Spectra Vantage UST 0.5 Swatch

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    Spectra Projection SP-V-UST5-90 Reviews

    Excellent quality screen for UST projectors
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Like others, I was directed to this product by staff here after another screen I ordered was going to be discontinued. Great of them to do that, and it was basically the same type of screen for the same price.

    I ordered the 90" model, so the main thing to know is that Spectra's instruction manual was written for the larger size screens and does not include specifics for the 90" model. So the 90" model does not come with the "I" shaped connector (shown in Step 2), and it does not come with any tension clips (Step 5 of the instructions). Other than those two things, the instructions are the same.

    Assembly is definitely a 2-person job for attaching the springs to connect the screen to the frame (in Step 3 of the instructions) and for mounting the screen on the wall. The instructions could have been a little clearer, but ultimately I had no trouble with it, and I went into it expecting a battle.

    The quality of the screen is outstanding. Brightness and clarity are fantastic even with multiple lights on in our relatively small room. It's all I was hoping for from a screen that would be used in a room with a good deal of ambient and/or ceiling lights. Can't think of any downsides at all, honestly.
    Fantastic screen to get into the UST projector world
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Assembly and mounting of the screen is a 2 person job. We were most cautious installing the tensioning springs. We started at the middles and worked our way out and had no issues. The instructions/included parts seem for all screen sizes so since I got the smallest 90" I got a few extra parts that I didn't need. We didn't need the heavier rate springs, for example.

    I have a Hisense PX1-Pro. In my review of the projector you can see pictures of the image on the wall. Using a 90" measured wall projection as a guide, I marked the bottom hole of the mounting brackets ~4.5" from the top edge and ~21" in from each side. There is concrete behind the drywall so that took a little more time to get the anchors embedded but after they were in, we test hung the screen and it was level without any adjustments. Since the screen sits ~2.5" off the wall, I had to move the projector ~1.5" further from the wall to get the picture to fit. I was able to get the image squared adjusting the projector feet/rotation. The screen bottom edge ended up 3/16" further away from the wall than the top edge using the included bottom spacer but that apparently wasn't a problem. I had to adjust the focus on the projector ~10 steps to get the image crisp.

    The daytime image was taken with ~476 lux, measured at the seating position, of light coming in from the right of the screen through a sliding glass door 6 feet away. I reset all the picture settings to default and am using the following for Vivid which is the daytime viewing setting:

    Laser: 7
    Contrast: 50
    Brightness: 67
    Color: 48
    Sharpness: 15
    Temperature: Mid-Low
    Gamma: 2.2
    review image   review image   review image  
    Spectra Vantage 120" ALR Screen
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I got this screen as the first recommended screen was becoming increasingly unavailable, so a new screen was found that matched all features of the first and may be better in some cases. I am using a HiSense PX1-Pro UST.

    This is my first ALR Screen, its easy to spot the attributes of screen tech here by how it looks gray one way and black another when just observing how the light hits it, in comparison to how your viewing it. How when your projector hits it, the light is re-directed back to you..

    The velvet coating on the outer frame gives it a great look. Its pretty clear with some ambient light that this screen really optimizes the light from the projector.

    Since I am a newbie in screen assembly, I am going to note that once you've assembled this for the first time, the complexity you may be leary of, assembling such an expensive screen, does fade as you go through it, and you really should have two people to insure the material goes in smoothly.

    However, I did have some issues with the current iteration of the documentation. In Step 2, Assembling the inner frame, the picture labeled #2 shows a straight bar, which is also illustrated in Pics 6 & 7, that bar is actually a part of the outer frame assembly, and is not noted in those steps for being installed. That was sort of confusing, unless the screen design changed slightly since that doc was made, that might explain the confusion.

    Also, more detail on the installation of the tension rods to highlight how short and longer ones fit into the sides and top/bottom of the screen would have been helpful. Also a little more detail in spring installation progression.. But once you get going it all comes together to create a great screen..

    The adjustable screen mounts do give you the ability to make a couple inches of adjusting the height and insuring that the screen is level. The various dimensions noted for your specific projector as to how far it back from the screen and how far below the screen does determine how easily it is to align your projector to the screen.

    This is a great screen and well worth the investment..
    review image  
    IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I had ordered a BenQ V7050i which came in and looked fantastic on the wall but I needed an ambient light rejecting screen because the image wasn't as good as I wanted during the day.
    So after waiting a while for another UST projector screen to come in, (Joe was great at keeping me updated about the status) I was asked if I wanted to switch to a Spectra Vantage screen. I couldn't find much info on them but Joe showed me a few photos comparing the two screens and I couldn't really tell the difference. So I said ok lets do it!
    I'm so glad I did!
    First of all, they were able to send me the screen just three days later.
    Setting up the screen was a piece of cake. I think it took me and a friend about 40 minutes to build it, get it up on the wall and position the projector. Instructions were really easy to follow and the adjustable bracket made fine tuning the position so much easier.
    The screen looks great on the wall. I especially like the black velvet coated border. Really classes up the screen.
    When I fired up the projector I instantly knew the Spectra screen was worth every single penny. With all the lights on and the sun shining in the picture on the screen looked fully colorful and vibrant. If you didn't know you would have guessed it was a flatscreen TV. It even made the image look better with the lights off. THIS SCREEN IS AMAZING!!!!
    If you buy an ultra short throw projector you need to pair it with a Spectra Vantage screen. You'll thank yourself every time you watch anything.
    Great ALR screen
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Never hearing of this brand before, I made the purchased based on the sales person's recommendation and I am very glad that I did. I have assembled other fixed frame screens before and this was a pretty similar process and took me about an hour from start to finish with some help from my wife attaching the surface.
    The frame appears to be really high quality and fit together perfectly with no gaps. I really like how the corners join together at a 45 degree angle and do not use end caps to fill the gaps.
    The black velvet coating really is a nice touch and makes this screen look much more high-end than the Aeon I was replacing. Best of all - the adjustable mounting brackets! These made mounting and aligning the screen so much easier and probably saved me an hour+ of drilling/re-drilling the mounts for perfect placement.
    The image on this screen is also FANTASTIC! I paired this with a Samsung LSP9T and keep it in my living room which generally ahs the lights on and light coming through the windows on the side of the room. This screen does a great job of rejecting the ambient light and giving me great picture quality with really good black levels and contrast. When the lights or off, this image is outstanding and rivals my 65" QLED and is almost twice as large!
    This was an easy 5 stars for me to give and is highly recommended.

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