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Manual Wall and Ceiling Screens

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Manual Wall and Ceiling Screen

It goes without saying that projection screens come in many different styles. There are highly portable ones that are perfect for taking on the road or toting along to trade shows. There are sleek, sophisticated electric projection screens for the very best luxury home theaters, boardrooms, and screening rooms. There are even projection screens designed especially for outdoor use.

However, one of the most popular options out there today is the manually operated wall or ceiling screen, and with good reason. These screens are ideal for settings that frequently utilize projected imagery, but still need to be able to stow the screen conveniently away the rest of the time. Excellent examples include educational establishments, houses of worship, and multi-purpose event venues. Time for a presentation? Simply engage the screen and fix it in place. All done? Gently allow the screen to retract until next time. Simple, easy, convenient!

Here at, we understand that manual wall and ceiling screens are not one-size-fits-all items. That said, we pride ourselves on maintaining one of the largest manual screen inventories available anywhere. Shop thousands of top picks from today's hottest brand names. Browse a full array of sizes, finishes, formats, and case colors. Then enjoy fast shipping and impeccable customer service courtesy of

Shop Indoor and Outdoor Models
Did you know that screens intended for outdoor use need to meet special standards in order to preserve the quality of your viewing experience? If you're looking to add the finishing touch to the outdoor theater of your dreams, then be sure to take a look at our collection of quality outdoor manual wall and ceiling screens. They're specially made to handle the elements and eliminate the additional amounts of ambient light that come along with an outdoor viewing experience.

Looking for a new screen for your business facility, home theater, office, or church? Shop thousands of manually operated wall and ceiling screens in a multitude of sizes. We?ve got something in stock to suit every taste and setting.

Enjoy Incredible Value Pricing
One of the best things about opting for a manually operated projection screen, over an electronic alternative, is it's much more affordable. This leaves you with plenty of room in the budget to invest in additional features or accessories. Shop options starting as low as just $200, or invest as much as $4000 in a top of the line option that spares no expense. Simply decide what your budget is, and take it from there.

Amazing Screens from Top Brand Names
At, we believe that even budget-friendly projection screens should deliver an amazing viewing experience. That said, all of the manual wall and ceiling screens we keep in stock come from top names in the industry, like Draper, Da-Lite, Elite Screens, and Mustang.

You'll find a full range of formats, including AV, HDTV, square, cinemascope, and widescreen. We stock a variety of different light gains, case colors, and projection surfaces. Explore the possibilities today!


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