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Electric Wall and Ceiling Screens

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Electric Wall and Ceiling Screens

These days, there are as many different types of projection screens on the market as there are uses for projected images in the first place. There are tabletop and collapsible models that are just right for taking on the road or for use in any other setting that might require mobile audio-visual equipment. There are wall-mounted models that stay fixed in place ? perfect for a home theater or a dedicated audio-visual room. For settings where a dedicated screen is a good idea, but there will also be a need to retract it out of the way as needed, there are manually operated recessed screens.

Then there's the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to projection screens ? the option with the biggest ?wow? factor and the highest degree of convenience when it comes to putting on a presentation to remember. We're talking about electric wall and ceiling screens. Electric projection screens are electronically controlled via a remote and/or an easy-to-use wall console. Some models allow for the screen to recede completely into the ceiling for a seamless appearance when not in use. Other options hang from the wall, but collapse conveniently as needed so that the space can also be used for other things.

Here at, we know how important it is to have the ultimate degree of selection at your disposal when shopping for the right electric projection screen for your needs. Shop our extensive collection of brands, models, styles, and price points today!

today's Best Names in the Industry
Extraordinary viewing experiences come from exceptional products produced by the best manufacturers and is proud to offer you access to some of the very best in the business. Choose from thousands of screens by the likes of Vutec, Draper, Da-Lite, Mustang, Elite Screens, and more. Wall mounted models and ceiling mounted models are available, as are a variety of sizes and finishes.

Price Points to Fit Any Budget
As people become more and more discriminating in regards to their viewing experiences, projection screens are rising in popularity. Naturally, everyone has their own budget to adhere to when it comes to acquiring the best equipment possible. Our collection of premium electric wall and ceiling screens covers a lot of range. There are options available for just a few hundred dollars, theater grade picks available for top dollar, and thousands of options that fall somewhere in between. Browse our inventory by price point and find something wonderful in your price range!

Must-Have Features
It would hardly do to invest in a projection screen that features a fancy electronic mechanism, but which doesn?t meet top industry standards as far as key viewing features. We stock a large selection of electric screens that feature acoustic transparency and ambient light rejection ? two features that contribute greatly to picture quality and viewing experience.

Our inventory covers a full array of projection surface types, as well, including but definitely not limited to CineWhite, BriteWhite, AcousticPro, Da-Tex, Da-Mat, Dual Vision, Reference Studio, and many more. Explore the possibilities today!


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