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150 to 160 Inch Projector Screens

Whether you’re looking for a fixed frame or retractable display you can find the 150 to 160 inch projector screen you’re looking for. Get true larger-than-than-life visuals for your home theater, business, school or church.
Whether you’re looking for a fixed frame or retractable display you can find the 150 to 160 inch projector screen you’re looking for. Get true larger-than-than-life visuals for your home theater, business, school or church.

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Why Buy a 150 Inch Projector Screen?

A 150” projector screen has many advantages. The larger size makes it great for group viewing experiences like movie nights, gaming live streams, business presentations, small worship gatherings and more. Pair it with a high-quality projector for a truly stunning visual display.

If you want to create an immersive viewing experience in your home or business, a 150 inch cinema screen is a great option. Spanning an impressive 12.5 feet in diagonal length, this grandiose size will add a dramatic effect to your film or presentation.

At, we have a huge inventory of projector screens with the viewing diagonal of 150-160 inches. Including 150 inch motorized screens, foldable screens, outdoor screens and more! Shop online or give us a call and speak to one of our projection experts.

Is A 150" Projector Screen Too Big?

No one has ever said "I wish they got a smaller screen."

Sure, a 150 inch theater screen is a large size screen when you compare it to a flatscreen TV. In fact a 12.5 foot cinema screen has a viewing area that's 4 times larger than a 75 inch big screen television. 150 inches is about the largest size recomended for most home cinemas. If your space is more limited then you may want to get a 100 inch projector screen or a 120 inch cinema screen. But as long as your space and budget allows for it, a 150 inch movie screen is not too big.

150 inches is a good screen size for smaller meeting rooms, classrooms and bars. If you plan to use a projector and screen combo for a church or lecture hall, a 150" screen would also be a good size. However for extra big venues you may want to get a projection screen up to 200 inches or even larger.

How Big Is A 150 Inch Projector Screen?

A 150 inch projector screen has a diagonal view of 12.5 feet. Typically if someone says they want to buy a twelve foot projector screen they mean they want a 150 inches. The dimensions of a 150" screen depends on the aspect ratio. Use this list below to tell you how wide and how tall a 150-inch screen is to help you determine the dimensions.

    16:9 - Width 130.74" x Height 73.54"
    16:10 - Width 127.20" x Height 79.50"
    2.35:1 Cinemascope - Width 138.02" x Height 58.73"
    2.40:1 Cinemascope - Width 138.46" x Height 57.69"
    1.85:1 - Width 131.96" x Height 71.33"
    4:3 Video - Width 120.00" x Height 90"
    1:1 Square - Width 106.07" x Height 106.07"

How Far Should I Sit From A 150" Projection Screen?

For a 150 inch projector screen, the distance you should sit from the screen depends on the aspect ratio. Different aspect ratios require different seating distances. This table will help you figure out the best viewing distance for a 150" projector screen.

16:9 HDTV
16:10 PC
2.35:1 Cinemascope
4:3 Video
1:1 Square
Minimum THX Recommended Viewing Distance 16.8 ft 16.3 ft 17.7 ft 15.4 ft 13.6 ft
Maximum THX Recommended Viewing Distance 23.6 ft 23 ft 24.9 ft 21.7 ft 19.1 ft
Maximum Viewing Distance 56.6 ft 55 ft 59.7 ft 51.9 ft 45.9 ft

How Much Does A 150 Inch Projector Screen Cost?

A 150 inch projection screen can cost between $500 all the way up to $33,000. This large price range depends on a number of different factors such as if the screen is manual, motorized, inflatable or fixed frame, if it has properties such as being ambient light rejecting, tensioned or acoustically transparent. The price of a 150" cinema screen can also depend on the manufacturer, portability and if it can support 1080p resolution, 4K, 8K or even all the way up to 16K resolution.

For a quality 4K home theater screen you can expect to pay around $2,800 for a 150" fixed frame screen to $3,500 for a motorized cinema screen that's about 11 feet wide. 150" ambient light rejecting screens can cost around $4,000 to $6,500 for a basic 4K ALR movie screen.


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