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Tripod Screens

When most people think of projection screens, they automatically tend to picture the kind of screen you see in a movie theater ? huge, majestic, and a little bit awe-inspiring. However, it's important to realize that a really good projector screen doesn?t have to be larger than life in order to be effective and deliver a high quality viewing experience.

Take today's best offerings in tripod screens, for instance. Tripod screens can be every bit as technologically sound as a larger, permanently installed alternative. However, they're portable, and moving them from place to place is a cinch. These are perfect for school situations, church groups, and other settings that might require a projection screen capable of moving from room to room or location to location with ease. Tripod screens are favorites among traveling salespeople and business executives that need to be able to deliver presentations at trade show or clients? offices. How could you use a handy, flexible tripod projection screen?

Saying that we really know our stuff when it comes to projection technology is a vast understatement. That's exactly why you can trust with all of your audio-visual needs. Shop an impressive selection of styles and models. Browse amazing products from the world's leading projection screen manufacturers. Your next great investment in the health of your business is just waiting to be discovered!

Stellar Options for Every Budget
Naturally, not everyone is going to have thousands of dollars to spend on a projection screen. However, no one wants to waste their hard-earned money on a product that doesn?t really deliver. That's exactly why we make it a point to find our valued customers the very best options, from the most trustworthy brands, and offer them at bargain prices capable of fitting into any budget. Shop tripod projection screens at price points starting at just $200 and topping out at about $800. Who says top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment isn?t affordable?

The Biggest Brands in the Industry
You won?t find any cut-rate, fly-by-night brands in stock here at We only partner with solid brands that have amazing reputations for creating excellent products and doing solid business. That said, you'll find we carry hundreds of options from the likes of Da-Lite, Mustang, Elite Screens, and Draper. Available options include offerings from today's hottest product lines including Diplomat, Consul, Mustang Tripod, and more.

Your Choice of Specs and Features also knows that each customer is going to have their own preferences, as far as features, so we make it a point to stock a large variety that covers all the bases. Choose from several light gain options, as well as multiple projection surfaces, including Argent White, Glass Beaded, Matte White, Video Spectra, and many more. Resolution options include dazzling HDTV, square, standard video, or widescreen.

You even have your choice of case colors ? basic black, crisp white, or sensible gray. The tripod projection solution of your dreams is right here waiting for you?guaranteed. Explore your options today, and take your presentation game to the next level, and beyond.

Portable projection screens are preferable to many who do not have the means for a permanent screen or for those who need a transportable option for presentations, meetings, traveling salespeople, hotels, entertainers etc. Portable projection screens offer flexibility, as they can be easily and effortlessly transported from one location to the next and set up in minutes. They take away the need to be tied to a conference room or area with a fixed screen in order to make presentations or direct meetings.

One of the categories in portable projection screens is tripod screens. Tripod screens are essentially a pull-up screen with a built on tripod stand made of three fold-able legs to stabilize the screen and elevate it off the ground. Tripod screens are rather economical, easy to transport, and are a favorite of traveling business people. However, unlike the pull-up screen the tripod screens do require a bit of assembly, but nothing major that would take up a lot of time.

Tripod Screen sizes come in a variety of standard formats: square, HDTV, and video, for example, are the most popular.

  • Square has a width to height ratio of 1:1. These screens are common for presentations and overhead projectors.
  • Video has a width to height ratio of 4:3. If you plan to utilize both widescreen and full screen viewing, video is your best bet.
  • HDTV has a width to height ratio of 16:9. This size is optimal for a home theater, and is best suited to widescreen viewing in particular.

Whichever screen type you choose, is set up to provide you the best buying experience from the moment you arrive on their website until you click 'submit order?. In addition, they offer free shipping on all orders. You will not be disappointed with your decision to order from  

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