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The Advantages of Paint on Screen vs. a Physical Projector Screen

If purchasing a physical projector screen is outside of your budget, or you do have the room for an additional item in your home theater, painting your projector screen is a great choice both economically and for the aesthetics of the room. Paint on screen allows you to create a projector screen surface on any wall in any location. Application is easy because you simply paint it on just like you would paint any other surface. Just make sure you have a smooth surface to paint on. Bumps and defects take away from the quality of your projection. A smooth wall allows for a sharper image.

Choosing a Paint

While there are different shades of paint on screen available, it is highly recommended you choose a good white. Going with any other shade, will tint your projected image. Our best-selling shade is Digital Theater White by Paint On Screen, which you can find here. Digital Theater white is a level 2 shade, meaning it is not the whitest, but it provides enough clarity to not distort the projected image. In addition Digital Theater White supports 4K HD resolution, providing you the best possible picture each time. I chose Paint On Screen brand particularly because they provide a top notch solution at a reasonable price. One bucket of Digital Theater White, which is all you need to paint an 82"x240" space, is only around $170.


  • Determine your desired screen size. You may only want a small area for a playroom or a large screen for a home theater.
  • On the wall, outline the maximum size your projected image can occupy on the wall.
  • Mark the borders you just outlined with painters tape.
  • Purchase a can of paint on screen in your desired shade. Reference colors here.
  • Apply one light coat. Dry, and then apply the second light coat to the wall.
  • Make sure your painting is within the lines you outlined, and viola you have a projector screen!

If something happens and your screen becomes covered in permanent marks or other scuffs, simply paint a fresh coat of screen to fix it. This is highly economical since permanent marks on a physical projection screen cannot be erased or fixed. Therefore either causing you to purchase a new screen or go through the hassle of dealing with the claims and warranty service.

Some people shy away from the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach but painting your own projection screen makes movie night more affordable. This is also a great option for schools, civic centers, and other large gathering locations without the funding to purchase a large projector screen for events. Paint On Screen is easy to use, and does not involve messing with wires and space issues like with physical projector screens. No mixing, no fuss, and if you ever need to get rid of it, Paint on Screen can simply wipe clean and be painted over without any problems. Forget the nails, screws, delivery, and installation of a large projection screen. Use Paint On Screen to bring movie to you for have the cost!


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