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Optoma ZU720T WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector with 7500 Lumens

    • Optoma ZU720T
    • Optoma ZU720T WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector with 7500 Lumens - Optoma-ZU720T
    • Optoma ZU720T WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector with 7500 Lumens - Optoma-ZU720T
    • Optoma ZU720T WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector with 7500 Lumens - Optoma-ZU720T
    • Optoma ZU720T WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector with 7500 Lumens - Optoma-ZU720T

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    Optoma ZU720T WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector with 7500 Lumens

    Item #: Optoma-ZU720T

    Optoma Manufacturer Part #: ZU720T


    Projector Resolution:
    Product Status:
    Back Order
    Native Resolution:
    Aspect Ratio:
    16:10 [WUXGA]
    Contrast Ratio:
    Light Source:
    Throw Type:
    3 Years
    Lens Shift:
    Horizontal & Vertical
    Standard Lens Focus:
    Throw Distance (ft.):
    7.3 - 30.6
    Digital Inputs:


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    "Optoma Technology, the leader in 4K resolution projector technology is very happy to be partnered with / Next Projection. These people are experts in screens and projection technology, so you can expect a perfect match of Optoma Projector and screen to achieve a technological advanced image that exceeds your expectations. This is one of our unique partners that can deliver an extremely high level of knowledge on 4K display technology and how to match that with the latest screen technology. We are pleased to have their expert capability associated with Optoma Technology projectors."

    Sam MalikSr. Director of Pro AV Sales
    Optoma Technology, Inc.
    Optoma Projectors

    World’s First Fixed Lens, 7,500 Lumens Laser WUXGA Projector


    • Bright 7,500 lumens and WUXGA native resolution
    • Full motorized lens-shift with 1.8x manual zoom and focus
    • Compact, lightweight chassis & quiet operation
    • 4K UHD (HDMI 2.0) input with HDR compatibility
    • Integrated edge-blending and image warping
    • Embedded Android OS with OTA updates and USB content playback
    • Integrated HDBaseT and HDMI, robust digital and analog connectivity
    • DuraCore technology source up to 30,000 hours (Eco), 24/7, 360° and portrait mode operation

    7,500 Lumens Professional Installation Projector with Compact Design

    Project incredible 7,500 lumens, WUXGA images with the next-generation Optoma ProScene ZU720T, the world’s first high brightness laser fixed lens projector. The fixed lens design with 1.8x zoom, full lens shift, integrated warping and blending combined with a compact, lightweight chassis provide extreme installation flexibility in auditoriums, large conference rooms, lecture halls, houses of worship and blended multi-projector installs.

    The next-generation projector features DuraCore technology, an IP5X-certified optical engine and advanced thermal design for quiet operation with up to 30,000 hours (Eco) of virtually maintenance-free, 24/7, 360° and portrait mode operation. An embedded Android OS ensures quick and easy over-the-air software updates with a modern and user-friendly interface.

    DLP Technology®

    DLP® (Digital Light Processing) is a proprietary technology from Texas Instruments™ that offers digital projection with higher contrast, faster response time, good pixel structure and virtually no color degradation.

    Edge Blending Tools

    ProScene projectors incorporate color matching, constant power, constant luminance, warping and blending features to ensure high-quality and consistent results. These features aid simple and complex edge-blended projects using multiple projectors to achieve excellent results.

    WUXGA Resolution

    Where details really matter, the full WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution offers 15-percent more pixels than 1080p and 60-percent more than SXGA+. This enables unscaled Full HD video and extra detail.

    PC-free USB Image and Document Viewer

    Integrated PC-free image and document viewer provide direct viewing of office documents, PDFs, images and presentations from any USB storage device.

    Color Matching System (CMS)

    The full HSG color matching system enables hue, saturation and gain adjustments for each primary color to match user preferences. This creates seamless blends every time when combined with accurate measurements.

    Signal Power On

    The projector powers on when it receives a signal through the HDMI input. This ensures the projector is turned on at the same time as the source device.

    Full Lens Shift

    Optoma projectors with full lens shift provide off-axis vertical and horizontal adjustments for complete installation flexibility without image distortion or pixelation.

    AMX Compatibility

    Easily communicate with AMX control systems for simple integration.


    Simplify installations by transmitting uncompressed video/audio and control commands using standard shielded CAT6 cabling up to 328 feet (100m).

    Four Corner Adjustment

    Four corner geometric correction enables quick and easy image adjustments from any of the corner points of the image. This is ideal for uneven or angled projection surfaces.

    24/7 Operation

    Optoma projectors are engineered to operate 24 hours a day in standard orientation and perfect for applications that require prolonged periods of use (subject to 24-hour terms and conditions – please refer to user manual).

    Brightness Matching

    The brightness of a projector varies throughout its life. ProScene projectors provide power adjustments with variable steps between 80-100-percent of the full brightness to correctly match multiple units.

    +12v Trigger

    Easily trigger a motorized screen to lower or raise when the projector is powered on or off.

    PJ-Link Compatibility

    PJ-Link compatibility enables the projector to power on, off and change basic funcitons using the PJ-Link port.

    4K UHD HDR input

    Compatibility with 4K sources enables easy future-proof installations that are compatible with the latest video sources. HDR support enables the projector to take advantage of superior color data for more vibrant images.

    LAN & RS-232 Control

    Take control of the projector using HEX or ASCII commands via LAN connection or RS-232 cable.

    Full 3D

    Display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray Disc™ players, 3D broadcasting, and the latest-generation game consoles. Support for 144Hz rapid-refresh rate provides ultra-smooth flicker-free images. DLP Link 3D glasses required.

    Direct Power On/Off

    Turn the projector on or off directly from the power source. This feature aids installations that rely on power-on timers. The sleeper timer can be used to turn the projector off after a set time.

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