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Hisense 100L10E1 Ultra HD 4K Laser TV Projector UST with HDR for 100" Screens - Refurbished - Projector Only

Item #: Hisense-100L10E1
Manufacturer Part #: 100L10E1
Native Resolution:
Aspect Ratio:
16:9 [HD]
Contrast Ratio:
Light Source:
Resolution Type:
Throw Type:
Ultra Short Throw
Digital Inputs:

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Hisense 100L10E1 Ultra HD 4K Laser TV Projector UST with HDR for 100"...
Price: $2,300.00
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Image Item # Description/Size Availability Price Quantity
/shared/images/products/grandview/Dynamique-1.jpg Grandview PE-L100DY3(R2) Dynamique UST Ambient Light Rejecting Screen - 100"(49x87)-[16:9]- 0.4 Gain /grandview-pe-l100dy3-r2-dynamique-ust-ambient-light-rejecting-screen-100-49x87-16-9-0-6-gain.html In Stock $1,099.00 $1,044.05
/shared/images/products/elite/ProFrameThin_DarkUST_Front.jpg Elite PFT100H-DST Pro Frame Thin UST 100 diag. (49x87.2) - 16:9 - DarkStar UST - 0.5 Gain /elite-100-inch-diag-16-9-ceiling/ambient-light-rejecting-edge-free-ultra-short-throw-PFT100H-DST.html In Stock $1,473.00 $1,399.35
/Shared/images/products/elite/SakerTensionUST_Front02_NoBorder.jpg Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tensioned DarkStar 100" 16:9 UST Ambient Light Rejecting Screen SKT100UH-DST-E6 /elite-screens-saker-tab-tensioned-darkstar-100-16-9-ust-ambient-light-rejecting-screen-skt100uh-dst-e6.html Out of Stock $2,991.00 $2,841.45
/Shared/images/products/elite/KestrelTensionCLR.jpg Elite FTE100H2-DST Kestrel Tab-Tension DarkStar UST 100 diag. (49.1x87.2) - 16:9 - DarkStar UST - 0.6 Gain /elite-16-9-ultra-short-throw-ambient-light-rejecting-electric-floor-rising-fte1h2-clr.html In Stock $4,209.00 $3,998.55

“Hisense is redefining the future of TV. As the leader and innovator of Laser TV technology we are pleased to be working with Next Projection (, & BuyAV) as one of our expert resources to consumers. Their team can be trusted to educate and advise customers looking for an affordable Laser TV solution with technologies ranging from a single laser source to dual-color lasers, and in the future Tri-Chroma technologies with screen sizes 100” and up.”

Ken WeltyDirector of LaserTV, Hisense USA Corporation

** This unit is refurbished by the manufacturer, Hisense and is in like-new condition.

A 1-year manufacturer warranty is included with this projector.

Screen sold seperately.

This projector has a fixed focus set to 100" diagonal and cannot be adjusted.

DLP technology® (Texas Instruments™)

Delivers a faster response time, excellent picture uniformity, and high contrast ratio.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) creates more realistic picture

The HDR technology expands the contrast and color range of the pixels on your projector to reveal a better, brighter, more colorful image. The picture quality is noticeably more natural.

3000-lumen brightness

This level of brightness is ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, sports, and gaming.

Wide color gamut

With precision dual-laser technology, the color spectrum reaches an incredible 95% DCI-P3, delivering natural, true-to-life images.

4K Ultra HD resolution

Brings over 8 million pixels for a sharper, brighter picture shown in its true colors.

Customizable screen size options

Without the need of mechanical adjustments, the laser TV can be scaled from a 100" up to a 150" screen size.

Dual-color laser

Displays a cinema-like picture full of rich and vivid colors.

Accurate and vibrant colors

The enhanced spectrum of colors shows images true to life with the precision of the laser light source.

Smooth motion images

With MEMC technology, fast-moving images are smooth and clear - ideal for watching action movies and sports.

UHD upscaler

Allows converting any input and all resolutions (SD/HD/FHD) close to 4K resolution.

Ultra short throw

23 telecentric lenses housed within the Laser TV let it be inches away instead several feet back from the screen.

Built-in smart operating system

With the included voice remote and popular app quick keys to Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and more, access to the online content is simple, easy, and built directly into the Hisense Laser TV, no secondary device required.

Harman Kardon audio system included

Provides 40W of Harman Kardon audio built into the housing of the Laser TV, and the 60W wireless subwoofer delivers powerful sound.

Full variety of connection options

A built-in tuner, multiple HDMI inputs, HDMI ARC, Wi-Fi, digital optical out, and RS-232 input offer the opportunity to connect your current equipment as well as expand to more robust audio systems and more.

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