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Grandview CB-UY80(169)WM4(AB) Cyber Y Press Pull Up Screen - 80" - 16:9 - WM4 - Black Case

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    Grandview CB-UY80(169)WM4(AB) Cyber Y Press Pull Up Screen - 80" - 16:9 - WM4 - Black Case

    Item #: GV-CB-UY80(169)WM4(AB)

    Grandview Manufacturer Part #: CB-UY80(16:9)WM4


    Supported Resolution:
    Screen Type:
    Manual, Portable
    Mount Type:
    HDTV [16:9]
    Viewable Diagonal in.:
    Viewable Width in.:
    Viewable Height in.:
    Product Status:
    Case Color:
    Product Line:
    Cyber Y
    Front/Rear Projection:
    Projection Surface:
    WM4 Matte White
    Best Used For:


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    Expert reviews

    “Since its humble beginnings, Grandview Screen USA has evolved and grown through working with other innovative companies; / Next Projection has and will always be a unparalleled partner for Grandview. With their expertise and experience, they are always able to provide the best solutions for their customers. We trust that with Next Projection, customers are always going to get the best price, products and service.”

    Leon TangDirector, Grandview Screen USA

    Cyber Press


    Portable Self-Stand Series

    Grandview Portable screen series is the best solution for temporary or mobile display place such as small meeting room, exhibition place, shopping mall or hotel which include Motorized Floor-Up screen, Portable Pull-Up screen, Portable Self-Stand Screen and U-Work screen.


    Y Press

    Portable Self-Stand Series

    X-press  Y-press   Z-press

    Lighter and Faster Than Ever

    Grandview's X-press series pull-up screen uses patented technology that allows it to be setup and taken down with minimal time and effort.

    • The lightest compare with similar product, 70 inches only 7 kg.
    • Single button locking mechanism easy to carry and operate, fully pull up only in 3 seconds.
    • The self-supported arms allows any screen position to be set.

    Grandview's product

    The self-supported arms of Grandview's Cyber X-Press series screens are specially designed to sustain pressure from any angle, thus allowing the screen to extend and retract freely without limitations.

    Other Brand's Product

    The supported arm has a stress limitation could cause the screen to be suddenly collapsed while the screen is retacting back.


    Y Press

    Specification *rounded to nearest inch.
    Portable Self-Stand Series (CB-UXxxx / CB-UYxxx / CB-UZxxx)
    Format Specification
    Viewing Area
    A B2 Casing size
    Net Weight
    4:3 60 48x36 70 31 54x4x6 14
    70 56x42 81 31 62x4x6 16
    72 58x43 77 27 64x4x6 17
    80 64x48 83 31 70x4x6 18
    84 67x50 89 31 74x4x6 19
    100 80x60 94 31 86x4x6 22

    16:9 60 52x29 66 31 59x4x6 15
    70 61x34 75 31 67x4x6 17
    80 70x39 86 31 76x4x6 19
    84 73x41 84 31 80x4x6 19
    92 80x45 84 31 86x4x6 20

    Portable Self-Stand Series



    • 1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
    • 2. The ratio of length and height is 27:1, customized is acceptable.
    • 3. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.
    Best For:
    Light Type
    Lamp Life
    Throw Type
    Aspect Ratio
    Projection Method
    Resolution Type
    Native Resolution
    Contrast Ratio
    Color Gamut
    Picture Modes
    3D Support
    Color Processing
    Display Color
    Supported Resolutions
    Dynamic Iris
    Screen Size
    Throw Ratio
    Throw Distance
    Lens Shift
    Digital Keystone
    Included Lens
    Optional Lens
    Focus (Motorized/Auto /Manual)
    Digital Zoom
    Color Wheel
    Input Lag
    Refresh Rates
    Game Mode
    Built-In Speakers
    Dolby Atmos Compatible
    Smart TV
    Operating System
    Built-In Apps
    Web Browser
    Voice Recognition
    Smart Home
    Screen Share / Screen Mirroring
    Optional Accessories
    Compatible Mounts
    Dimensions and Design
    Projector Size
    Projector Weight
    Case Color
    Power and Enviroment
    Audible Noise
    Battery Life
    Aditional Information
    Release Date
    Global Name
    TCO Certified
    Built-In TV Tuner
    Was: Retail: $369.00
    Sale: $150.00
    Instant Savings: $219.00!

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    FREE shipping on all orders

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    Other Items In This Series

    Grandview CB-UY80(16:9)WM4 Reviews

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    During shopping and selection, I appreciated the screen calculator to help navigate the many selections. I was guided well enough to make a proper choice.

    After delivery, I found that my screen selection operates and views just great, it fits right into the room, it complements my system without overshadowing it, and it is just what I envisioned. I'm happy about it.
    This is a really nice screen!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I have an odd-shaped listening room. I was not even sure if it would work half-decent for a living room viewing 'theater' for as many as four. I recently married a bunch of HDMI inputs to a righteous-sounding pile of retro audio gear (think fat Advents and Dynaco stuff). So a decent new projector proved this wasn't a bad idea. Now Dolby(tm) it definitely ain't, and my ears were happy. But what to do for a screen? Above the electronics component heap was a triangular wall because of the cathedral ceiling. Too high to view easily, and image quality was moderately poor, not worth sanding, painting etc.
    I had been using the calculator at my projector mfgr site (Epson) to fit the thing to the room, sort of. I found I liked the calculating tools provided by, and I used them again and again. Then I determined a pull-up floor standing design could meet the need. (The need was thought to be 78 inch image, 8.5 feet view distance, 10.5 feet projection distance, dictated by room and stairway geometry, from a projection shelf wall-mounted somewhere below the angular ceiling.)
    I thought, the ProjectorScreen site was such a help for layout and inspiration, why didn't I simply purchase from them? For some reason, the Grandview design line had only a few reviews, so-so. I wondered if these might be from competitors or from very picky specification shoppers. I considered the purchase to be low risk, and settled on the 92-inch Grandview, with 1.0 gain. I rounded up the diagonal size because I didn't know how far the tele/zoom would rack out. (By the way, my new screen smells just fine.)
    I could not be happier with this screen! It rests on the floor immediately in front of the audio pile, in front of the old Sony CRT in the cabinet. The case is about 7-1/4 feet end to end. When I go into movie mode, I release the catch and gently pull on the handle, until the screen is about shoulder high, takes less than 5 seconds.
    I originally intended to collapse it when not in use, then store it on end in a closet about 6 feet away. It is not heavy to handle like that, and I didn't want it to be in the way on vinyl LP night. But so far, I just leave the screen in place on the floor when it is closed. Because I am often using it! It looks great, open or closed. It operates smoothly and soundly. It is not in the way of my retro A/V rig at all.
    So I could not manage a tripod thing, or a wall or ceiling mount, or a tabletop screen, and the floor-resting pull-up screen is the perfect solution. My inboard speaker arrays are centered at about 8 ft apart. I found that I can compensate for the extra acoustic absorption of the screen, by shifting some balance to the outboard speaker arrays and center channel.
    It views great and sounds great, it fits right into the room, it complements my retro system without completely overshadowing it, and it is just what I envisioned. So even if you have a fairly unique situation, like an unusual room, I suggest you can find your solution at, and probably, you can just grab a big Grandview pull up. I did, and I'm happy about it.
    Big, beautiful, and easy to carry and set up
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    This is a great screen! I would recommend it to anyone. It's quick to set up and take down.
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Great experience throughout. Very satisfied with the quality of the product.

    Extend Warranty Included

    Purchase this product worry-free with a complimentary 2-year extended warranty from Extend with ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE protection. Want even more coverage? Upgrade to a 3 or 4 year at a discounted price.

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