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It goes without saying that outfitting your office with items like whiteboards, tackboards, and more can help you not only get organized, but stay that way. However, knowing that you're in the market for something new in this arena is one thing. Actually assessing the thousands of options you have to choose from and locating the right product for you is another. Of course budget, size, and function all matter very much ? but so does brand.

Ghent is one of today's leading manufacturers of whiteboards, tackboards, and similar items for a number of very good reasons. To begin with, they have a solid reputation for delivering quality in regards to each and every one of their products. All of their boards are made right here in America something many customers find refreshing, in a world where everything seems to be made in Taiwan, or China, or Malaysia. They're also covered by one of the best warranties in the industry a product guarantee of 50 years.

At, we share quite a few values with Ghent. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the very best. That's exactly why we're proud to stock a full range of premium grade Ghent whiteboards, tackboards, projector screens, and more. What's more, all of our customers not only get access to great products, but fast shipping and excellent customer care, courtesy of our dedicated staff to boot.

Boards: When you're serious about putting together a work space that's everything it ought to be, not just any board will do. You need something that's functional, to be sure. However, you also want something that will stand the test of time, no matter how thoroughly it's used. A little visual appeal certainly never hurt anyone either.

That's where Ghent brand boards come in. Whether you're looking for porcelain magnetic whiteboards, cork tackboards, fabric tackboards, or anything else in that arena, you can rest assured that Ghent makes an option that is perfect for you. stocks thousands of options.

Choose from a multitude of sizes, finishes, styles, and designs. You'll even have your pick of multiple frame colors. In other words, Ghent provides modern consumers with office solutions that don't just deliver in terms of durability and function. They're proof positive that boards can be stylish.

Projector Screens: If you thought that Ghent only produced amazing whiteboards, tackboards, and office accessories, then you really ought to get to know their whiteboard projector screens. These innovative, flexible options aren't just capable of receiving delightfully clear projected images. Since they double as whiteboards, you can also write on them.

Take presentations to the next level and beyond by creating interactive displays that are sure to grab the attention of your audience perfect for sales pitches, classroom lessons, tutorials, and just about anything else your team can cook up. And did we mention that these are affordable, too? At just a few hundred dollars each, they're capable of fitting into any budget. Explore the possibilities today!


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