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A US based manufacturer who has been serving the AV market for over 100 years, and pioneering in the projector screen segment since 1957.

As a family owned company, Draper has not strayed from their initial core values and the integrity of the company and it's products cannot be questioned.
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Top 5 Draper Projector Screens Under $500 (May 2015)


American made and family-owned, Draper has been providing for audio-visual needs of many since 1902. For Draper, quality and integrity are number one. For this reason, Draper produces products that cannot be questioned, while also producing a larger line under $1,000 than many of its competitors.

Draper MicroScreen (starting at $159)

Take the Draper MicroScreen wherever you need to go from the kitchen table to the kid's sleepover. This little wonder sets up in seconds on any flat surface, and closes just as quick when it is time to put it away. If you are looking for a small projection screen just to have around, the Draper MicroScreen cannot be beat. Due to its size and design that allow it to close fully when not in use, this model is ideal for the casual projector screen user. Even better it only weights 5.3 lbs. (for the 40?) and 6.5 lbs. (for the 50?).

Draper Cineperm (starting at $293)

The Draper Cineperm is a snap-on wall projection screen that provides a stable, theater-like screen that is removable if necessary. The Cineperm features 2:35:1 Cinemascope, and both 16:10 and 15:9 presentation formats. Draper Cineperm makes a great addition to your office, or even your living room at an affordable cost. Draper even throws in a generous one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Draper Silhouette/Series M AR (starting at $304)

Draper's Silhouette/Series M is a spring roller-operated projector screen featuring Auto Return (AR). This screen can be mounted either to the ceiling or the wall to fit a variety of your needs. The viewing surface pulls down and retracts effortlessly to reduce your frustration over fighting with the screen. The Silhouette/Series M also features intermediate positioning so you can decide whether or not you will raise or lower completely or stop somewhere in between. Also, just like the Cineperm, Draper throws in a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Draper Salara/HW (starting at $418)

The Salara is a new generation within its own kind. Featuring floating gunlatch wall mounting brackets that grip the screen securely and are ultimately invisible, the Salara strives to make a stylish and functional statement. In addition, the Salara is an electric screen, which can be customized in size and control option. It also includes the standard one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Draper Onyx (starting at $472)

The Onyx is a permanently fixed tensioned projection screen for those ready to jump in and make a serious commitment. This beautiful screen can be assembled and ready to go in ten minutes or less. One of the perks of a tensioned projection screen is the even tension applied to the entire surface area allowing the screen to remain completely flat as to not interrupt your viewing pleasure. In addition, Draper's unique fabric tension system allows you to adjust tension where necessary up to 1-1.5? both vertically and horizontally, no tools required!

If you are in the market for a reliable and quality projector screen, but you have a lower-end budget, Draper has you covered. You will be ahrd pressed to find a better projector screen in the under $500 category with anyone other than Draper.

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