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Da-Lite 85" Diag. 60x60 Slimline Electrol Projector Screen, Square Format, Matte White Fabric

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    Da-Lite 85" Diag. 60x60 Slimline Electrol Projector Screen, Square Format, Matte White Fabric

    Item #: Dalite-72600-Black

    Da-Lite Manufacturer Part #: 72600



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    Da-Lite Slimline Electrol Series

    The Slimline Electrol is a value engineered projection screen designed with a smaller, compact case that allows unobtrusive placement in a room, and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The pre-wired inline power cord provides convenience for the do-it-yourself home theater.

    A very compact case allows the Slimline Electrol to be unobtrusively placed anywhere in a room and mounts either to wall or ceiling. The Slimline Electrol comes in a White Steel case, pre-wired with an in line power cord switch. Comes in Matte White Fabric.

    Product Information

    • Screen Size: 85" Diagonal

    • Viewable Screen Area: 60" x 60"(HxW)

    • Product Type - Operation: Motorized Electric Operation - Wall and Ceiling Mounted

    • Aspect Ratio: Square (1:1) Format

    • Projector Screen Surface: Matte White Fabric

    • Projector Screen Case Color: Black

    • 1-Year Warranty - includes entire product; case, screen surface and motor

    Da-Lite Slimline Electrol Instructions

    Da-Lite Slimline Electrol Product Information

    Da-Lite Slimline Electrol Specifications

    Matte White Fabric

    Half Angle: 60° / Gain: 1.0

    Matte White is a fiberglass surface for non high-definition projection and environments with controllable ambient light that preserves color as well as black and white images. Seamless sizes vary by product. Matte White can be cleaned with mild soap and water, is flame retardant and mildew resistant. This surface has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.

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