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Produits Urbann Inc K3W-V18 Contemporary Charcoal Aluminum Full Floor Lectern with Shelf and Wheels

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    Produits Urbann Inc K3W-V18 Contemporary Charcoal Aluminum Full Floor Lectern with Shelf and Wheels

    Item #: Produits-Urbann-Inc-K3W-V18

    Produits Urbann Inc Manufacturer Part #: K3W-V18


    Produits Urbann Inc


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    Urbann K3 Lectern - with Tilt-Back Wheel System

    Improve your image and your impact

    Bold and modern design, the K3 Lectern has it all and becomes the focus of any presentation. A warm charcoal color, almost black, all-aluminum, K3 embodies power and self-control. Make a great impression with this beautiful and very modern design that improves the image of your organization and guarantees the impact of your message.

    The K3 is the perfect podium for giving conferences, public presentations or speaches. This lectern is an eye-catcher and is one of the most popular podiums in our signature collection. Urbann's perfect ergonomics translates in full comfort while using the podium, greater confidence for the speaker and better message delivery. Fits man and woman, tall or small.


    • Tough 6 mm (1/4") aluminum plate construction with charcoal powder coat paint
    • Top plate that can accept up to 4 optional modules and 1 reading lamp
    • Base plate comes with tilt-back wheels for easy mobility
    • Spacious reading plate for laptop or papers
    • Integrated pencil/paper stop
    • Secondary shelf below the reading plate for storing notes or a glass of water
    • Overall Dimensions (WxDxH): 24" x 20"x 45"
    • Weight: 66 lbs
    • Product Assembly Required

    Urbann K3 Lectern Information

    Price: $1,139.95

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